Sweater God she said that. Into The Blue 3. Amina is getting what she deserves. So what does Yandy do? Why Pete allergic to rubbers? She goes out to marry him to try and prove some, whatever, point she’s trying to prove. Awww, hope she’s okay. Give the people a rope, they will lie and claim they are cowboys.

I got a uterus TEW. Rasheeda sets clear boundaries for Kirk. Why didnt Tara have birth control, she knew all this was going on. Looking at him makes my skin itch. She claimed it was a mistake and the vasectomy did work they just decided to make sure she was pregnant first. The Curse of Oak Island 2.

Or at the start of the next season once Amina have numma Peter running around like he got the same situation and she read him good. They are the version of 2 stooges.

Ole dirty feet got handed some soap and water for that one. Atlanta Hop 3 episodes online with Part 2 of 3. It’s embarrassing to watch. She said so many real things and he couldn’t even take it.


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Tara and Amina were stunned and said nothing. She just don’t want to admit.

Atlanta Atlanta — Full Episode Reunion. Name tags for all of these offspring and BMs. I pick the latter. I’m likewise confused about that Lol one looks like a toy troll and the other is low key Arsenio Hall’s doppelganger. Don’t watch the show, just seen a few clips and I really like Papoose. The best shes every known. Into The Blue 3.

In Case You Missed It: Love & Hip Hop: NY, Season 6, Reunion Pt. 1

No, she looks and sound ridiculous. From yip first appearance. Only Pap can give us good music. Like if they blow it, that’s a t? Available to Stream Watch on. Season 7, Episode 3 April 2, Does anybody else remember Rah use to mess around with Manceeceeess?

They are all vulgar if you ask me. Said look at what you reduced the mothers of your children to? And Mona and Peter and all the kids.

But I hpi in the realm of logic, so I’ll just let that be. She’s such a beautiful womanand can do so much better than Peter “Broke-Babymaker” Gunz. They could have done without the reunion. I like Cardi, but she needs some more fixing.


The host has a gap between her teeth big enough to drive a truck through. Sierra and Shooter finalize their divorce.

Had a baby, had a abortion or two, had another baby, had a abortion, this chit went on for years. This is what makes me think things are totally scripted. She’s mastered the saying never let em’ see you sweat. Reason 1 why I refuse to watch. They already care less about what anyone says or thinks Tara on the other hand had 15 years to realize Seaspn wasnt chit. I thought she was over it.

Teenage angst is already bad enough. Somebody write Mona this idea and tell her me and Sucker Free need our check.