But sometimes these black athletes go to these yt schools and they start getting all of this attention from these women that would otherwise have nothing to do with them, they get caught up and start feeling themselves, and they end up ruined. Heads up top to type a recap off the dome Mona gotta retire the momma drama scripts. Daquan done chased off everyone. Your existing password has not been changed. Bow Wow introduces his sexy new boo Kiyomi, but everyone thinks they’re moving too fast. A rivalry brews when Deb cuts Jhonni loose and makes Masika an offer she can’t refuse.

Clint loses it when his trip to see Tracie in jail takes a turn for the worse. Matt’s temper flares at job interview. Romeo and Angela discuss their relationship. He seems like a genuinely good dude. I couldn’t understand how he was getting married with a too small suit jacket, a tee, and dingy sweats. Melissa thought she was the Beyonce of the video vixens world. A shocking scandal rocks Pepa’s world when Aundre’s past comes back to haunt him. Ain’t that some mess?

NOW I do still say he shouldn’t be dragged for is past and he isn’t a moocher.

She does have a Natalie Nunn chin https: But if you have good homeowners insurance they’ll usually step in and try to offer a settlement. Like most men i think he was still creepin n ddotimen back with Keisha on his wife They absolutely should investigate accusations of rape.


Love & Hip Hop Season 5 Episode 5

He was never attractive to me either, BUT that Jamaican accent of his is sexy as he11 to me. Yes, someone needs to package it and pass her a bottle of it? She a damn throwback video bish. He seems like a genuinely good episod.

Nikki I know you trying to show off your doctor’s work on your chest but um the placement of that shirt doesn’t look quite right. After a wild night out, Bow and Kiyomi’s relationship bursts into flames. CakeZilla Paige’s rehearsal dinner is ruined when an intoxicated family feud erupts and threatens the entire wedding. I watched this one mostly Ving Rhames in a wig?

Love & Hip Hop Season 5 Episode 5 – DDotOmen

I’m going to marry him regardless Romeo finds himself in troubled waters with Angela when he drops out of their double date. A wild woman turns the tables on her partner. The sisters have ddotomem news for Toni. Boogie is released from rehab and temptation strikes! Which isn’t bad it’s just I want you to be able to see the road and drive.

She stays with the same facial expression whether she’s happy or sad. She could always go the route of using neck coils, LLS. The Braxtons shock all with a dramatic turn of events. I did that on Monday I was joking in that first sentence. It’s still early and I haven’t had my coffee. Scott fears telling Lizzie he’s broke. Ima tell my boss later today, I execute better when I set my own schedule hope he’s feeling me if not y’all hiring.


Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 4 Episode 5

I take that back. Who let this happen? Girl, Shonda’s cornrows were out like? I hate Nikki’s shape. StormZilla Sam wreaks havoc but when her rampage strikes her mother-in-law, her groom finally loses it.

I see she got a ashy blonde wig like Tierra be hhip. Tee Tee plays cupid for Briana to make amends, but her grand plan backfires!

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood S15E14 | Love and Hip Hop Hollywood S15E14 – video dailymotion

Traci starts to plan her son’s baby shower, but fears the worst when her father asks for an invitation for his wife! By clicking Continue, I agree to the Privacy Policy. A battle of the exes ignites.