Jayamma tells Satthipandu that Chandralekha tried to kill herself during the previous night. Dharani takes ‘Shiva Ling’ along with her to Aditya’s house. Muga Manasulu – Episodes The priest and the devotees give grand welcome to Paripoorna Chandreswari to the temple. Chandralekha tells Chayadevi that she has kept some smoke paper before Dharani so that her Deeksha will be cancelled. The further story is of Aishwarya’s struggle in the village and what Aishwarya does when she realizes that Rangegowda’s mother is actually an evil behind her caring mask.

Chayadevi and Chandralekha bribe the priest and ask him to lie to Aditya regarding the ‘Engagement Muhurtham’. Dharani and Aditya receives the letters, reading the letters both get shocked. Prem asks Radha to conduct marriage for him with Chandralekha. Dharani tells her decision to Aditya’s family that she was going to take ‘Indrakiladri Deeksha’. Jayamma tells Satthipandu that Chandralekha tried to kill herself during the previous night. Dharani tells Aditya to choose one of the way as the ‘Rudraksha’s’ were placed on one of the way so they can follow that way.

Doctor administrates Dharani and tells Aditya that she must not continue her fasting. Chandralekha breaks all the glass materials at her house, seeing this Radha slaps Chandralekha. Chandralekha takes blessings from Rani and asks her if Aditya’s engagement will take place mkvie or not.

Elsewhere, Rangegowda tells his mother that he wants to take Aishwarya out.

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Rangegowda is loved by one and all in the village. How Dharani’s life changes after marriage with various twists andturns and how she overcomes them, makes the rest of the story.


Deekshithulu seeing this, tells Dharani that she must not do Deeksha with broken pots as it is inauspicious and might prove to be harmful for the family. Muga Manasulu – Episodes More Videos of Muga Manasulu.

Seeing Dharani fall unconscious Radha’s family gets shocked. The priest and the devotees give grand welcome to Paripoorna Chandreswari to mogie temple. She then gives a garland to them asking them to exchange each other. Aditya and Dharani cuts ‘Modugu leaves and sticks’ to do pooja with them. Chandralekha decides to cancel Daharani’s marriage moive Aditya.

Dharani reaches the ‘Rajamahal palace’ and observes the kingdom’s statues and things. Chandralekha decides to use Deepthi as a weapon to cancel Aditya’s marriage with Dharani. After a while Dharani gains consciousness. Dharani fells unconscious as she was doing ‘Fasting’ from few days.

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Dharani tells her mother and Gayatri that she has decided to take ‘Indrakiladri Deeksha’. Chandralekha later gets Dharani unconscious when she puts a handerkerchief that has chloroform, in front of her nose. Petha Muga Manasulu is a drama television series in Telugu. The love story between the two forms the crux of the story.

Later, Dharani and Radha perform a special dance. Chayadevi tells Prasad that Chandralekha loves Aditya and wants to marry him.

Aditya likesthe attitude of Dharani and wants movei marry – she too falls in love with him. Chayadevi and Chandralekha decide to cancel Dharani’s pooja. Deepthi challenges Dharani that she will cancel her marriage with Aditya. Though she showcases that she loves him she ensures that he always doesn’t get educated and stays in her clutches always.


Muga Manasulu

Chayadevi’s family starts making arrangements for Aditya’s engagement with Dharani. Chayadevi and Chandralekha feels upset as their ploted tricks gets failed. Dharani worships God ‘Shiva’ with different types of flowers. Deekshithulu tells Dharani that she must follow tough rules to perform ‘Deeksha’. Aditya’s family and Dharani’s family decide manasul go Vijayawada to do ‘Teppotsavam’ and the priest tells Aditya and Dharani to do Teppotsavam in ‘Krishna River’.

The story revolves around Dharani, who works as a caretaker for a rich old lady. Aditya tells Sravan and Deepthi to go to the temple by scooty and tells Dharani to go by a car. Paripoorna Chandreswari tells Dharani and Aditya about the importance of human life and makes them onlind do ‘Homam’ mlvie her. Radha tells Dharani that Chandralekha and Chayadevi are trying to cancel her ‘Deeksha’. Chandralekha tells Deepthi that Aditya is avoiding her all the time and tells her that Aditya is giving more importance to Dharani instead of her.

Aditya did dance performance before the public. Radha does the ‘arthi’ for Aditya and Dharani. Radha,Satthi panda and Gopi did special dance onlihe Dharani’s engagement event. Deekshithulu tells Dharani to do ‘Vibhuthi Kalasam puja’.