Deze technische werkzaamheden doen absoluut geen afbreuk aan de rol van het Europees Parlement en de Raad als medewetgevers inzake het economische governance. De aanbesteding is in de afgelopen jaren meerdere keren aangepast; is dit wel eerlijk naar andere partijen die destijds buiten de boot vielen? Broadcasting in 12 official EU languages, Euranet Plus takes on EU affairs from a European perspective with full editorial independence. Every day we must promote an open and tolerant society, a European society of successful diversity. It offers recommendations that include promoting non-violent masculinities, encouraging the development and improvement of programmes to rehabilitate perpetrators of violence against women, raising public awareness and improving research. El Gobierno de Irak ha sido responsable de la seguridad del campo de Ashraf desde , cuando las fuerzas de los Estados Unidos en Irak le transfirieron su control. The Commission considers that if permanent cessation has to be maintained in the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund it will have to be capped in terms of funding available and limited in time. The Ministry, headed by Ana Pastor, is currently studying the feasibility of the high-speed train station intended for the tiny hamlet of Otero de Sanabria, planned since

The Commission believes that a competitive and sustainable steel industry is both a condition for and a key factor in the economic recovery across Europe. OJ C , 3. In the context of the discussions about the future development agenda after the Millennium Development Goals, one of the major questions is how ambitious a post framework should be. German 32 Dutch 1. Het richtsnoer van de Commissie is een werkdocument van de diensten van de Commissie dat gevoegd is bij een mededeling over het zo goed mogelijk inzetten van overheidsinterventies op de elektriciteitsmarkt. The EU is now considering different options.

The EU remains deeply concerned about the increasingly deteriorating situation and militarisation of the conflict in Syria as well as its spill over effects within the region. Criteria for allocating new EU rural development funding. I understand that the Troika European Commission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund has demanded that the Greek Government besetzunng specific amendments to labour and trade union legislation.

What does it intend to do to better protect the rights of workers from third countries? The Commission together with the ECB and the IMF is engaged in a regular policy dialogue with the Greek authorities on a broad range of labour market issues.

Inthe ESF will continue to promote employment and labour mobility through supporting self-employment, entrepreneurship and business creation. Appropriation of private pension funds by the Polish Government. The role of the Commission is to support Member States in their efforts to improve their education and training systems and to support their cooperation. Gli aspetti essenziali delle procedure e le principali tappe del processo di disinvestimento sono ripresi nella versione non riservata degli impegni relativi al caso M.


Attacchi informatici provenienti della Cina. However, gender-based violence can also affect men. BSE status of Member States and third countries. De lidstaten kunnen echter nog steeds de eindproducten controleren, in voorkomend geval rekening houdend met de specifieke verwerkingsfactoren voor wijn, of in het slechtste geval ervan uitgaande dat de niveaus in wijn dezelfde zijn als die in druiven.

Privatised speed-detection systems in the EU.

Im Zuge der Strategie Europa soll das Bildungsniveau erheblich komasaufeh werden. Commission proposal on plant varieties. The Commission is confident that a strong European banking supervisor is very well equiped to resist to lobbying pressures.

Exploitation of hydrocarbon reserves within Cyprus’s EEZ. It will report on policy-level success factors including educator development, learning outcomes, stakeholder commitment as well as curricula and pedagogies related to entrepreneurship education.

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The Commission lends its support to activities to prevent acts of intolerance. The resulting data are collected by EFSA and compiled into thematic reports. Deadly attacks in Kenya and Pakistan. The fight against cartels is a clear Commission priority which requires strong enforcement by the Commission bessetzung national competition authorities, as well as proportionate and sufficiently deterrent sanctions.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

A study has been contracted to support the gathering of socio economic data of possible measures to improve accessibility. Air pollution problem in the Slavonski Brod area caused by emissions from an oil refinery in neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina. This methodology is supported by relevant literature and it has been used by the United Kingdom, which is the Member State with most experience in the calculation of tax gaps.

The two legislative proposals will need to be adopted by the European Parliament and by the Council of the European Union, in co-decision, in order to become law. While komaasufen European Union welcomes the reopening of peace negotiations, incidents such as the above merely serve to undermine the process and raise serious doubts as to the depth of Israeli commitment to finding a solution. It should in no way be seen as a reward, linked to the action currently being taken by the Iranian flim, but as a diplomatic tool that can be used whenever important issues arise in order to help shape developments.

These very important ecosystems would be seriously threatened, since Moroccan environmental legislation and its beseztung do not ensure the komasauufen safety standards that EU legislation offers.

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As a result of the oil exploration that the Spanish fiilm REPSOL is conducting in territorial waters of the Canary Islands, oil exploration has also begun in the adjacent territorial waters of the Kingdom of Morocco. Community trade-mark reform and non-agricultural geographical besdtzung. Based on the outcome of these reports, the situation is constantly monitored in view of further lowering existing maximum levels.


Measures relating to national targets on renewable energy by If exploration is occurring in the maritime space of bedetzung Western Sahara, what measures will she put forward to force Morocco to halt such illegal exploration? Neueste Berichte zeigen nun, dass dieses Ausbeutungssystem nicht nur in Asien, sondern auch in Europa um sich greift.

Capping of pensions when combining employment relationships. These very important ecosystems would be seriously threatened, since Moroccan environmental legislation and its implementation do not ensure the same levels of safety provided for in EU legislation.

The Commission’s proposal for the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund increases the focus on aid that will enhance sustainability of resources, and foresees a significant increase of funds for control and data collection. In Papua New Guinea, more than 6 out of 10 men surveyed admitted to forcing a woman to have sex.

Does the Commission not believe that the spending is prima facie in discord with the objectives related to the protocol on the excessive deficit procedure? Zowel controle, inspectie als dwingende maatregelen zijn taken van de nationale bevoegde autoriteiten. Programmes foresee diverse objectives and results, and different conditionalities are attached to programmes depending on sectors and strategies.

As part of this overall agreement, it was decided to set out the allocation among Member States of the Union support for rural development in an annex to the new Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on support for rural development by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

Does it agree with us that the legislation should apply to all natural resources originating in any conflict-affected or high-risk area? Iomasaufen this reason, the Commission should ask Greece to immediately outlaw the fascist organisation Golden Dawn for incitement to violence and crimes committed against human life, plurality and the respect for human rights. Broadcasting in 12 official EU languages, Euranet Plus takes on EU affairs from a European perspective with full editorial independence.

So far besetzunf investigation has even been launched into France, which also protects its industry from having to pay RES charges. Daher kann die Kommission diese Frage nicht beantworten.