For the Gamers For the Gamers. Great story Stormy Night – A wolf and a Goat become friends. Add – More Cowboy Bebop. March 16, , Empty Can -Which is better , steel or aluminum cans? Very enjoyable -Funimation Very enjoyable -Funimation.

Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri. Add – More 3×3 Eyes: Add – More Amagi Brilliant Park. World’s End – 30 min- Confusing. A Tale of Memories. Good characters , fun show , needs a 2nd season Viz Anime Good characters, fun show, needs a 2nd season Viz Anime.

Add – More Brave Story. Add – More Cello Hiki no Gauche Add – More Call Me Tonight. Rain in the Sunshine. Add – More Death Parade.

Jym’s Anime List –

Add – Aniemultima Gakkou no Kaidan. Galaxy Express Movie -A truly classic anime, gripping story. Add – More Ao Haru Ride. Stop-motion and touching story. Good action flick but dated. Zenix on April 03, Artsy take on Hell and the power of positive thinking Artsy take on Hell and the power of positive thinking.


Add – More Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei. Add – More Aoi Bungaku Series. Add – More Fuujin Monogatari. Add – More Gambo. Funimation Dub Harmony -1 of 3 films part of Project Itoh. Good mystery story about reincarnation and the transfer of souls.

A Tale of Melodies.

Theres a desp scene in needless episode 5. Add – More Boogiepop wa Warawanai.

Shin Koihime Musou Episode 1 English Subbed at gogoanime

Very enjoyable comedy -Funimation. Add – More Coquelicot-zaka kara. Dead boy gets 2nd chance at lifeemotionalwell done Dead boy gets 2nd chance at life, emotional, well done.

Erased -A must see Anime! This was a surprisestarted out average and ended up great! Funny story about a animeultoma of Otaku’s Funny story about a group of Otaku’s. Whats up with all the panty shots? First of a line of movies made by Osamu Tezukathe Episkde of Manga. Over the top Macho action with one stone cold killer bitch. Creative shortfelt unfinishedpart 2 coming Creative short, felt unfinished, part 2 coming. Add – More Ansatsu Kyoushitsu.


Add – More Nights. Naki of Monster Island. Panty and Bra club- Girls learn how to choose bras and pantieseducational. First of a line of movies made by Osamu Tezuka, the God of Manga. Martial Artsnaked assassinssexviolenceblood.