Kobato collects these because it is her wish to go to a certain place. The anime began its broadcast on October 6, She assures him about Kobato, and that they will surely meet again. The Nursery is torn down, leaving Kobato in despair, but she still has to achieve her goal. A Girl’s Wish” Transcription: When he is asked to help with a case of inheritance, he meets Kobato at an old estate, who has forgotten her previous memories.

She bumps into Fujimoto, who gives her his tickets for the stuffed animal. Fujimoto listens to it as well. At the end of the day, she finds a boy from the nursery on a swing set. Kobato realizes she wants to be with Fujimoto. Itou, Tomohiko Episode Director, Storyboard. Kobato is worried, and decides to wait outside his office. Reservoir Chronicle xxxHolic xxxHolic:

However, Chitose’s twin daughters, Chiho and Chise say that their mother does not allow pets in the apartment. Darkstalkers’ Revenge — Twilight of the Dark Master Kobato finds that Fujimoto left a report at the nursery.

Winter arrives and Kobato is warned by Ioryogi that she must accomplish her mission by spring. The three look for an owner for the cat, but the two sisters begin to remember how lonely they feel. Skadi All reviews people found this review helpful. She says goodbye to everyone except Fujimoto.


After tracking him down, they find that he ran away from his home because of his grandfather’s yelling. Kobato collects these because it is her wish to go to a certain place. Retrieved from ” https: At Tirol, Syaoran says that he has someone waiting for him, but he does not know when he will be able to see her again Sakura.

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Kobato’s time for her mission is up, but the bottle is not full. Lists of anime episodes. He tells her that his mother can’t pick him up yet, but asks Kobato not to think badly of her because she is working hard epsode his sake. While passing them out, she walks into the same stranger from before.

In The series’ was then moved to the Newtype by the company Kadokawa Shoten. Retrieved 12 November She runs into a man giving out tissues and helps him by taking the whole box. Retrieved from ” https: He agrees and Kobato receives two konpeitos. He finds rnglish in the park. Retrieved June 2, Please note that ‘Not yet aired’ titles are excluded.

Itou, Tomohiko Episode Director, Storyboard. The staff of Yomogi Nursery plan a field trip with the children.

Champion Road Nasu: Ioryogi stares out the window at the first blossoms of spring. At the amusement park, another angel appears saying that Kobato only has a year before the magic bottle is taken away from her. Fall TV Madhouse. A Gift from the Rain” Transcription: With Valentine’s Day coming up, Kobato wants to throw a party at the nursery, and decides to work at Tirol again to pay for it.


Angel and the Protector” Transcription: Kazuto shows up again, demanding payment.

Kobato is worried, and decides to wait outside his office. Edit Anime Information What would you like to edit?

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Kobato finds a stray kitten and takes it home with her. They work to pay her back. The Endless Odyssey — Trava: Archived from the original on While advertising for the bazaar, Kobato finds a worn down Ioryogi who was struggling to protect his precious box of baumkuchen from harm. Legend of the Dragon Kings Sweet Valerian. A Kitten’s Kobxto Transcription: More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Warmth of the Wintry Wind” Transcription: