Alisa is standing on the road. Alisa says, I know everything. Ali says, if you say then I will drop you. For all the latest and current News entertainment informative technical news views and critical analysis related to current issues all are here in ur own channel Sayeed says, we are at fault. She says, I will not tell anyone. Ali stares at her smilingly. Salman comes and insults her.

I do every work naa. Maheen asks her daughters to say salaam to Dadi. Zainab take care of Safia. Qaid-e-Tanhaai is the story of a much in love couple Ayesha Sawera , and Moiz Faisal that gets married She says, I will not tell anyone. High Five Spoilers high five July 29, Subscribe to stay updated with new uploads.

Alisa says, I know everything.

Khalid gets happy and thinks Iqra is burning by love. High Five Spoilers high five July 30, Your ammi told me everything.

Kissay Apna Kahain Episode 37 HUM TV Drama Full Episode –

Safia asks kisayy to eat the food and goes to dry her clothes. Emotional Atyachaar – Season 5 – Episode 18 Rohan is dating his neighbor Alisha who is 10 years older to him. Safia says, I wish I have a bahu. We should not hurry.


Kisay Apna Kahein Episode 31 Promo Hum TV Drama

Ali thanks Alisa for the timely help. Laiba tells Maheen that teacher asked her to bring new book. She hears the phone bell and goes to pick the call. Ali looks at her smilingly…….

Kisay Apna Kahain Episode 19 – 26 March Hum Tv | Dramas Dhoom

For more such videos subscribe to the link below: Sayeed says, you will…. Iqra says, I hope so. Ye kha aa gye hum Rahul and manavi romantic scene ye kaha aa gaye hum,yeh kahan aa gaye hum,yeh kaha aa gaye hum,bollywood events pfomo parties Salman receives a call from his Abbu.

Ali says, everything is heading fast. Iqra comes to the balcony after Salman goes to her room.

Ali asks her to come with her. Catch all this only behind the scenes with the Thank you for your support. Bhai Miya praises Ali and Safia.

Khalid says, my destiny is hiding beneath that kaein. High Five Spoilers high five July 29, Iqra says, I want to know my mistake in this. Saregama pa winner Jashraj Joshi performed in Infosys on 7th december Bhai Miya asks about Alisa. Maheen says, I will drop them. Iqra says, I am talking to you by keeping stone on my heart.


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I hate you, your presence and your face. Log into your account.

Safia screams in pain. He asks her to give monetary help to them if they need. Ali tells Alisa that he will drop her home.

She says, I wish I had a daughter. Zainab says, she is busy with house work.