Lana cupped one of Kalinda’s soft, supple breasts in her hand and gently massaged it. Kalinda began taking off her jacket as she gently leaned in to kiss Lana. Let’s have dinner together. Lana stepped back and let the door open. The phone rang immediately following her lie. Lana smiled as she let her tongue flick again and again with alternating amounts of pressure.

She then placed her lips around the small pea sized clitoris hiding underneath in its home and began coaxing it out with her tongue. Once she placed three fingers inside, Lana moaned and positioned herself on Kalinda’s thigh. She didn’t understand why she felt like it was acceptable to let her guard down around Lana. She was soft and smooth. Lana watched her carefully as she placed one of the fingers in her mouth. They looked at each other in silence for a moment. Lana breathed in deeply, taking in the pleasurable sensation that followed Kalinda’s finger down to the moistening lips between her legs. She couldn’t bear to look at Kalinda until she finished.

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Lana looked at her questionably as the bartender filled up the tiny glasses. Kalinda ran her hand, palm down from Lana’s neck down to the kaljnda of insertion. She placed her tongue directly over the opening and let it slip inside. Surprised, Lana grabbed her gun and slowly opened the door. Her bisexuality is also a bigger part of her character growth, as we meet her jilted ex Donna, played by Lili Taylor.

And the material The Good Wife gave her was delicious. We kallinda for private investigator Kalinda Sharma because she was mysterious and witty — the strong silent type who knows how to get everything she wants, and looks amazing doing it.

Breathless, her eyes flashed open and she came as Kalinda covered her scream and occupied her tongue. Note the M rating and enjoy! A smile crept onto Lana’s face.


Lana slowly removed a shoe with her foot and gently slid her foot up Kalinda’s leg, hidden behind the long white tablecloth. For the first time, she saw desire in Kalinda’s eyes.

Lana burned with desire and decided to take control of the situation. She quickly drew her foot back, relishing the moment Kalinda’s eyes opened with desperation. Adjusting to the pace, Lana was calm enough to let her hand explore Kalinda’s body.

She first slipped her finger inside the outer fold and gently explored the area. Lana didn’t bother to hide the smile on her face. She dug her head deeper into Lana’s body, lsna if telling Lana to go back to sleep. Covered in her white sheets, Lana watched from her balcony as Kalinda drove away.

Lana lied back down and curled up in fetus position, pulling seawon sheets into her core. Lana’s phone began buzzing and dancing kalidna circles on the table. I don’t like to fool around in the process. Lana furrowed her eyebrows and sat up immediately. They were once again on Lana’s bed, this time moving in and around each other with heated passion.

In the moment that she decided to let her tongue flick the clitoris, she drove two fingers inside of Kalinda directly to her weak spot and let Kalinda come onto her hand. We’ve had eye sex when we talked to each other and now we’re actually having sex on a frequent basis. She wanted to know so badly how Kalinda had become the way she was. As Kalinda’s body went limp, Lana lowered herself over her and began nibbling her neck. Before she could turn around, Kalinda’s body forcefully pressed her flat against the solid wood of the door.


Now Kalinda moaned, despite her efforts to mute it. Her voice was strained with guilt. Lana watched with desire. It just felt right. Kalinda’s hip began moving in a circular motion, calling Lana back down to the station. She liked the reply so she slipped a finger inside of her. Lana chose not to say anything and resumed her kisses down Kalinda’s chest. Kalinda was already slipping on her panties and fastening her bra.

Lana’s groin began throbbing again and her own excitement began interfering with her performance. Lana couldn’t stop feeling disappointed as she made love to the woman she’s wanted for over two years. Again,” Lana said playfully. Lana thrust her hand while occasionally extending her thumb to stimulate Kalinda’s clitoris. This is how Kalinda must have felt when she pleaded for her life. When her hands found the magic spot, Kalinda suddenly shifted, depriving her of the opportunity to enter.

Until Season 4, which is airing right now. Their friendship has been fun to watch on screen but would never work out well if it were to progress. She was soft and smooth.

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When Lana woke up in the morning, Kalinda was gone. I’ll see you at my place, then. Lana dipped her head in disappointment but immediately drew her lips back onto Kalinda’s skin.