Jonah has serious academic struggles. On the final day of term Jonah returns to Summer Heights High to read his story he made to Gumnut Cottage, where he claims that all Summer Heights High teachers are gay except for Ms Palmer, who is awesome. It’s an English word. It’s obvious that he is unaware that few of his students share his perception of his teaching abilities. The premise of the show is to take three cardboard cut out stereotypes, one being a 13 year old boy named Jonah who likes Rap, break dancing, insulting teachers and blaming all the negative things in his life on everyone around him. Retrieved 18 October She invites lesbian student Tamsin to the formal to make a big impression, but when Tamsin finds out that Ja’mie is not lesbian, she declines by SMS , forcing Ja’mie to take Sebastian; they stay together this time, although she still checks his phone messages.

The answer is the public sphere. Leon 8 episodes, Iro Utaifeau How we receive and understand brownface often depends on our public sphere. Comedy television characters Fictional bullies Fictional characters introduced in Fictional people from Victoria Australia Fictional Tongan people Male characters in television. Edit Storyline The life of a public school epitomized by disobedient student Jonah Takalua, self-absorbed private school exchange student Ja’mie King, and megalomaniac drama teacher Mr. Jan Palmer 6 episodes, Sally Kingsford She makes several attempts to exclude Bec, who is of Singaporean descent, harasses Holly about her large breasts, Jess about her skin problems, and Kaitlyn for being a slow learner.

When he sees Keiran, his friends want to bully him but he refuses with “Why do you want to do that? Premiered 5 September hights Bec 7 episodes, These platforms are influential and respected by the government and broader public. Mr G’s main plot revolves around his latest school musical, based on a girl in the school, Annabel, who died after overdosing on ecstasy.

Summer Heights High – Jonah Takalua (Ep. 2) with subtitles | Amara

Oh look, it’s the Islander boys, late again. The third episode managed to rate very well with 1. Retrieved from ” https: Holly 7 episodes, Kristie Coade Eisode 4 episodes, How Much Have You Seen? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. His trademark insult to teachers is: Retrieved 25 October Ofa 8 episodes, David Lennie Ja’mie Kinga private-school exchange student, immediately makes friends with the four most popular girls at Summer Heights High, but it soon becomes obvious that her friendship is not genuine when the girls discover her poster that makes fun of “public school skanks”.


Toby 7 episodes, Jessica Featherby The Sydney Morning Herald.

I want you to sound it out. Jonah and his friends have created a breakdancing crew called the “Poly Force”, the only fully Polynesian B-boy Crew in the school. The buildup of Jonah’s microaggressions towards Miss Wheatley finally make her overreact by screaming at him and telling him off before she orders him to grab his belongings and go to the principal’s office.

Share Post to Facebook Post to Twitter. Alongside Angry Boysthe success of the series inspired Lilley to continue the stories of the characters in two spin-off shows; Ja’mie: Toby 7 episodes, Archived from the original on 5 October Archived from the original on 23 December I just don’t find over-exaggerated stereotypes of people doing horrible things then blame the consequences on everybody else funny. Paste this in your document somewhere closest to the closing body tag is preferable: Most of the songs from Part sumer are from the final musical.

Let me do some work for once. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. She pointed to the confrontation between Jonah heighfs Miss Wheatley in Episode 7, in which the English teacher becomes near-hysterical in trying to silence a misbehaving Jonah, as a scene with which many teachers would be familiar. The problem for Lilley is that his methods — brownface and cross-dressing — obscure his message.

He is portrayed in brownface by Chris Lilleywho also created the two shows. In Septemberthe Herald Sun raised concerns about the impact of the show on students, with parents and teachers reporting that children were adopting Jonah’s habit of referring to others as “homos” and telling adults to “puck off”.

HBO forgets the first rule of brownface”. I don’t fuckin’ go there. This page was last edited on 25 Februaryat Shortly, the next day after, Jonah is expelled.


There’s a 17 year old high school girl named Ja’mie who is snobby, racist, prejudice, materialistic, vain and like Jonah, blames everybody else for all the negative hivh in her life. Jonah Takalua is a fictional character in the Australian mockumentary series Summer Heights Highand the titular character in the six-part Jonah from Tonga.

He argues that the “Polynesian Pathways” program in which Jonah is made to participate as a way of embracing his Tongan heritage suffers from the same problems that many such programs experience in schools across Australia. Summer Heights HighJonah from Tonga character. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded.

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Views Read Edit View history. Lilley has long mentioned that he wishes to complete the Summer Heights series with a show that focuses on Mr G.

The three main characters’ storylines never intersect. Archived from the original on 11 October The jnah begins with Mr. He and his friends have vandalised various walls and objects on school premises, particularly the boys’ toilets.

Summer Heights High

Ja’mie Kinga mean girl -type perfectionist exchanged from a private school; Mr Ga self-proclaimed drama teacher; and Jonah Takaluaa stereotypical Tongan delinquent, all played by the series’ writer, Chris Lilley. According to the prologue, a production and filming team travelled to an Australian public high school and followed the daily life of the students and staff for one term.

Despite disliking other teachers and subjects in general episodee Summer Heights High, he shows genuine interest in the reading program and an affinity with its teacher.

Joseph 8 episodes, Zach Fa’atoe He promises to read books every day back in Tonga. Despite their claims, the breakdancing ability of Jonah and his friends appears to be at a beginner level.