Please note that at the moment of me writing this, the show has been canceled for a couple months, to my dismay. TV shows I’m watching. Over the last couple years we’ve seen networks hand out weekly shows to countless comedians. While many complain that Anthony’s only asset is the shock value of his jokes, I must disagree. However his content was there as well. But, he is distasteful without being funny. To the right audience. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

Retrieved March 12, The network felt uneasy using the sketch as an introduction. I am a person that enjoys literally every end of the TV spectrum. The show primarily consisted of a monologue and two panelists who joined Jeselnik in adding a humorous take on shocking, lurid news stories. That’s why so many people give it poor reviews that it doesn’t deserve. Joe Francis Redux Edition”. LayerCake 16 April Many criticize his lack of excitement and his seemingly wicked personality, however I think these only add to his strengths.

You have to be okay with laughing at what you think is funny and not just what society approves as comedy. Retrieved May 1, Which, if you’ve ever seen an interview with Anthony Jeselnik, is what he’s going offennsive.

Billy Eichner and Kristen Schaal. This is just rubbish!

I can literally sit though a whole episode and not laugh once. However his content was there as well. It’s “morally wrong” to laugh at death and other tragedies jselnik people don’t give it a chance. If you are good with that proposition, there’s a good chance you’ll like this show. It starts from the premise that Anything can be funny. LayerCake 16 April I laughed a few times but overall it’s just a cheap laugh. Even Tosh from Tosh.

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Nick Kroll and Patton Oswalt. They ignored the golden rules of Comedy Central and yet somehow this great show slipped through the cracks and got a second season. Nstwork show will NOT resonate with everyone; its not that broad. Was this review helpful?

Comedy Central cancels Futurama, which is still a great show and very relevant to many age brackets, to allow this show to continue? I’m really surprised that this series lasted for two seasons. While many complain that Anthony’s only asset is the shock value of his jokes, I must disagree.


Over the last couple years we’ve seen networks hand out metwork shows to countless comedians. For the pilot, Jeselnik did a test interview with a celebrity but felt “so wrong [ The Offensive didn’t waste one minute complaining that whites are evil.

Amy Shummer and Jeselnik should not have shows. I believe this section jeslnik been helped with better guests, however, as the funnier guests tended to make Panel much more enjoyable. After Jeselnik told Comedy Central he wouldn’t delete it once they threatened to fire only himthey then informed him that they would simply cancel the show and fire everyone who worked on the show to which Jeselnik then deleted the joke citing “what I could not do, what I cannot do, is walk up to my cameraman and say, ‘Hey, buddy, no work for you on Monday; I had this sweet Tweet.

Inside the Comedy Mind Afterdrive Clash! I miss it greatly and lament its passing. Jeselnik revealed in his Netflix Special “Thoughts and Prayers” that Comedy Central threatened to cancel the show after Jeselnik made a joke about the Boston Marathon bombing the day it happened on his Twitter account.

If not, I’d be happy to subscribe to a podcast. I remember watching Conan afterward each night and finding O’Brien’s stories to be much more bland and mainstream, even considering Jeselnik only had to jesdlnik one show a cpmedy.

Sure it broke the ice, but it was probably thought to be a good attention grabber. The jokes suck, the guy in the show sucks, everything about this show sucks. Nick Kroll and John Mulaney. It takes a lot of courage to do what he does and not care what others think.

Really, the show is not for everyone, but if you do have a widespread sense of humor – or a pretty basic level of intelligence – it’s hard not to only appreciate the jokes, but hold back your laughter as well.

Anthony Jeselnik To Topline Comedy Series As Part Of Deal With Comedy Central | Deadline

So I guess you could call it a spoiler because I’m telling you that you will want to throw up in your mouth or put a gun to your head at how bad this show is and I will go as far to say always will be until it’s finally cancelled by someone with common sense at Comedy Central. Something that he is aware of, Jeselnik himself – in his special, “Caligula” – proclaimed, “I assume you all knew who you were coming to see tonight.


He is awkward and not funny at all. Aziz Ansari and Amy Schumer. FreddyButler 7 December That’s why so many people give it poor reviews that it doesn’t deserve. This guy might be funny in real life, but he is far from it on TV.

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Man broke into firehouse, masturbated on gear”. Anthony’s stand up is great. The other prominent section of the show is “Panel”, which as you might guess is a panel of people barely more famous than him in what generally appears to be a near-unscripted conversation.

Anthony Jeselnik, the supposed “Prince of Darkness,” is as boldly arrogant as he is devilishly intelligent. It was renewed for a second season on April 26,and aired July 9, The show is bold nstwork daring and skillfully testing the boundaries of the masses.

The Jeselnik Offensive

People offenxive love or hate this show because it’s not for everybody. Now that joke is funny, and even though it’s not one of Anthony Jeselnik’s but rather my own, it captures the type of humour you can expect. This show is not funny at all, I laugh more watching an episode of 16 and pregnant. Eventually we all get tired of hearing the same old news stories repeated with one-liners, and the weakest are phased out before the next neetwork.

Many will label it as profane, unnecessary, unfunny, malicious, and even tasteless, but this is a brilliant new program that showcases the brightest – or darkest depending how you wanna call it – future of comedy.