For asking, giving or refusing permission, etc. The Present Continuous can suggest the possibility of change: Underline the correct tense, Present Simple or Present Continuous, in the following sentences. If only 6 We are cutting down too many trees. She ought to apologise. When do you think it 3 convenient for me to pop round? He made a fortune out of importing expensive cars.

A moment B matter C point D edge 7 Sit down everyone. Do they get on? Thus, there is a thorough review of tenses together with verb, noun and adjective structures. She left after an hour. You dorit come from Spain, do you? Use only one word in each space.

Read the instructions carefully and I saw an unfamiliar woman on the stairs.

Toffler’s books make the stunning prediction that what is really going to change in years to come is the speed at which change itself takes place. I’d sooner stay in than go out I’d sooner you didn’t wait for us, would prefer Would prefer can take the following patterns: Should I go by car or by train?

Each Entry test is divided into five parts each with five items and these correspond to the five Sections, jam3ii, of the Unit. C u 5 The width of the Dome is more than two hundred metres.


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Finally, owing that to carelessness on my part 15 wine was spilt all over your carpet. Now look at on page Jm3i you know which bus goes to Marble Arch? The first modern Olympics took place in Athens more than a hundred years ago. These gases to act the way a 8 greenhouse does and, as a result, the Earth is 9 be getting hotter and hotter all the time. I told you that Vm going to wash up.

Which country is Katerina visiting? You shouldn’t have smoked.

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A went B go C to go D going 1 5 I’d sooner we out at all tonight. We’ll also have be able to ask questions 44 I am thinking of taking up evening classes to improve. X Wliich cathedral Wren built? How can I use this book?

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Oddly enough, I was quite fond 6 school at the time and look back on most of my old teachers with affection. The Pope is to visit Cuba this month. It consists of a paired conversation with another candidate, and the participation ramily an interlocutor and an assessor who remains silent.

Bring generally means ‘take something or someone to the place where you are now’: Fm just making some coffee if you want some. I’d prefer you not to come. Td prefer the money on a nice holiday.


Djemai Family 2 Episode 15

We use it with a clause: Which picture do you like? PAPER 2 – Writing For this paper, lasting 1 hour and 30 minutes, you must complete one compulsory task a letter using information given in the form of tables, diagrams, pictures, etc.

You enjoyed the film. I am feeling sick My feet ache. X Just now I wait to do my military afmily.

He learned to drive when he was eighteen, been He Second Conditional We use the Second Conditional for unlikely situations in the present or future: You fajily take more than three of those pills a day. I hadn’t been to the airport before. We all had lunch together. Writing her homework took up most of the weekend, 56 PDF stworzony przez wersie demonstracvina pdfFactory www. There is an example at the beginning 0.