Instead of getting angry, he allows her to take it and even removes mud from her eyes. Arnav sees Khushi working in the rain. Will Shyam mend his ways? Anjali refuses dance as she is unwell and informs Shyam. Later, Khushi decides to take Arnav to her place for a few days. Khushi submits her resignation to Arnav. He tries to physically hurt himself while talking to her.

He refuses to admit that he bought the pair. He asks for Arnav’s sign on a legal document. Later, Khushi confronts him, and asks him to complete the dialogues he had left incomplete during the play. Lavanya is worried by her parents’ absence at her engagement. Arnav is devastated to see Shyam profess his love to Khushi. She thinks of the reality and cries. Manorama gets suspicious after finding Payal’s photos with Bubbly.

Nani asks Arnav to give a solid reason behind his decision and refuses to eppisode Lavanya go. Meanwhile, Shyam plots to injure Anjali, but saves her from a fall. Khushi bothers and embarrasses Arnav in front of his clients during the meeting. What will he do?

Is Pyar Ko Kya Nam Du Episode 321 Download

Will Khushi reveal the truth to everyone? Madhumati discusses Shyam as a prospective groom for Khushi. He accuses Khushi of immorality. Meanwhile, the groom’s family criticises the arrangements, while Khushi tries to control the situation. Arnav attacks them, but accidentally hurts Khushi. Manorama asks Lavanya to take Laxmi for a walk. She and Nani are delighted to see Lavanya shout at her friends for making fun of Nani.


Khushi regains her consciousness and wonders how she came home. Khushi flirts with Nand Kishore to make Arnav jealous. Kik Messenger is best for dating and make new relation please check kikusernameslist. Madhumati confronts Manorama for lacing her drink with alcohol.

Manorama berates Payal for burning the kheer.

Is Pyar Ko Kya Nam Du Episode HD Download

Lavanya, who is invited by Anjali, turns up at the temple, looking very traditional. Nani talks to Laxmi about her plan with Khushi. Nani orders Khushi to apply colour in return. Shyam saves himself by getting the soap back from Bubbly. Arnav tells Lavanya that he has no feelings for her and decides to inform his family as well.

Arnav has an argument with Nani and decides to leave the house. Akash drops Khushi at home.

On the other hand, Shyam fails to provoke Khushi against the Raizada to keep her away from them. While Khushi tries to defend Lavanya, Manorama wants Akash to get engaged soon. Arnav tells Anjali that he sent Kushi to see her family.

It is a really nice and awesome post Khushi searches Shyam’s briefcase. Akash panics when Nandkishore talks about his life after marriage.


Arnav Khushi VM: Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu – IPKKND (Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon)

Anjali waits patiently for her husband to turn up so that she can break her fast as well. Interestingly, Buaji asks Shyam about his family.

Arnav goes in search of Khushi. Khushi is unhappy when she hears this. Akash asks Arnav to accompany him, but in vain.

Shyam searches for papers in Arnav’s room. Later, Anjali asks Khushi to explain Janmashtami to Lavanya. Arnav is not happy to do a puja, despite Anjali asking him to do it.

Why does Khushi warn him about Shyam’s plan? Anjali is angry with Shyam for being late for the pooja. Shyam arrivest the temple and helps his wife, Anjali, break her fast. Arnav asks Khushi to apologise if shbtitles wants her ring back. She breaks her piggy bank to buy Holi powder and toys for Payal.

Manorama and her husband greet the two couples.