Adnan is a reputable, wealthy businessman whose wife passed away eleven years before. There are a still magical expressions, eyes and body languages which is rare and uncommon between two people. Next day in hospital when comes and visits with all family, he tells Bihter how much broken he was after hearing her screams and thought she is dead. And like Anna, she is pursued by a handsome man though her own husband Mr. Behlul has broken off with Elif. But I can watch some episode only in Urdu We see her struggling on every step and she tries to fight all odds against her.

From , follows Suleiman the Magnificent and his relatives from his great conquests to the “Battle of Szigeth”. She dies for forbidden love. Agamemnon’s wife fell in forbidden love when Agamemnon embarked upon the Trojan War. Firdevs senses change in Bihter’s attitude. I really have never found a role like his. Adnan Ziyagil 79 episodes, Heartbroken Bihter tells her mother that today she will tell everything to Adnan and then she will leave this place for ever. It is not just in the history of mankind but deities have also been replete with the pursuit of the forbidden, which is not less than any sin.

But I can watch some episode only in Urdu A rich widower who falls in love with the much younger Bihter. More than a million fans are messaging Urdu 1 channel of broadcasting to start the series again!


Start your free trial. Retrieved from ” https: Therefore he story,ine leaves the Ziyagil House without informing anyone. A time for restraint. Diposting oleh Nov Novaback di On learning that his wife Firdevs had betrayed him, Bihter’s father suffered a massive heart attack. The marriage takes place, Bihter moves into adnan’s house and a new era begins for everybody. We see her struggling on every step and she tries to fight all odds against her.

He is ashamed of himself for deceiving his father like uncle and in guilt he leaves Bihter. It’s not like your typical, innocent love story with a few villains. How Much Have You Seen? Adnan breaks into mamnoonn bedroom and sees them together.

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I have nothing against the title or the storyline. I have read a lot of romantic novel and also I have seen a lot of romantic movies and series around the world. Qureshi, Sushma may come face to face in Abu Dhabi. Bihter runs back to house and her mother and Nihal suspects that something happens mannoon them.

This article was not required: Hearing about the abortion, Adnan tries to take some time off from Bihter and plans a business trip which makes Bihter really upset as she thinks she will lose Adnan forever. Here are some of the scenes. She is happy outside and in extreme pain inside which is visible in her eyes the entire time.


Brave and Beautiful — Love u Lee min ho However, it was a superb drama but still there are some positive as well negative points that need to be highlighted. The cast of the drama enhance the theme with their fabulous acting.

”Ishq Mumnu” Ask i Memnu Turkish Drama by Urdu One

Full Cast and Crew. I do’nt know anything about this drama, mamboon thing which I noticed was that the Urdu spelling of Mamnooe is wrong.

The good thing about the drama that it was superbly produced and I think there was not even a single mistake in portraying the story. This leaves Bihter off balance and now the real devastation for her starts.

Forbidden Love

She tries to break free of his charisma but falls right underneath it again and again. To understand how powerful their chemistry and performance is you have to watch their every scene multiple times. Retrieved 30 December Behlul is shocked to hear this because he only loved her as his sister.