But then happy ending dramas are too popular and common nowadays…so maybe having more leads die will be somewhat special and I think it works. And I agree, it was such a waste not giving Jo Hyun Jae a kissing scene with those luscious pair of lips! My wife thinks that the the two bad people only felt bad because their schemes fell apart. Both Ma-Roo and Jae-Hee come from poor family backgrounds, but try hard to achieve their dreams: Thank you, ockoala, for expressing my thoughts, and for the people here. I finally found my favorite drama of and I hope there will be more to come that you will recap.

Yi Kyung and Kang are there, and both cry for Ji Hyun. He was happy that he managed to express his real feelings for JH. He reaches out his hand and helps her up, telling her that she did well this time. Thank you so much for all your awesome recaps dear koala! And TVB probably took that idea from english movies. I will miss the characters… especially Kang. My wife thinks that the the two bad people only felt bad because their schemes fell apart.

I really liked the ending too, though it left me sad. He continued, “The other historical dramas I’ve been dfamacrazy have had good viewing percentages.

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But through the accident she gained knowledge, wisdom, and fortitude, becoming the heroine that I stood up and applauded at the end of the drama.

But that was my intuition from watching too many Korean dramas. In Jung tells Min Ho that dramacrzay three more years, she believes he can learn to forgive himself.

Can someone please tell me from where I can download the RAW episodes 17 and 18 of this drama? And she found out what ,an to Yi Soo!


Having different roles like hers in a single zub made me really think about what I heard before, that an actor should be quite mentally imbalanced to be able to pull through a scene effectively from Marlon Brando, I think. Ji Hyun was the heart, soul, and wisdom of this drama, teaching everyone around her through her own struggles what it means to appreciate life and bravely face death.

The news just came out of nowhere in the last episode. And I agree, epusode was such a waste not giving Jo Hyun Jae a kissing scene with those luscious pair of lips! She thanks Ji Hyun for paving the way for her to work at Heaven and be so loved by everyone. Tho its ws kinda sad ending 4 both d couples bt d msg of d drama is cleared dat we sud appreciate our life when we r alive….

In Jung mails the envelope. Even the villains, totally amazing. Scheduler gives her a pat on the back with the sage wisdom that the one thing beyond human control always has been life and death.

I thought she was going to live! I watched the show because I want to be entertained…be happy and smile everytime I remember the story. I love this drama to death. Scheduler is there waiting to greet her, dressed in a black suit, professional and courteous.

Korean Drama Series: Innocent Man Episode 11 [English Subbed]

The accident was actually the blessing, not the curse. But that is intellectual thinking, not something that I can come to grips with emotionally and spiritually. Descartes often quoted the old Latin saying: This drama is a lesson to learn. Drama korea high kick 3 sub indo, download drama korea high kick, drama korea high kick 3 sub indo, drama korea high school love on, downloa That would have seriously irked me. Both In Jung and Min Ho receive the call that Ji Hyun has passed, and both are shocked and stunned, with genuine tears falling from their faces.


And when it your time there is no fighting death.

But they could have at least showed Ji Hyun in Heaven or something! However sad it was… I do like the way everything played out.

The ending was touching and completely in keeping with the bittersweet tone of the show. Without that chance, Ji Hyun would die in a few days never truly understanding her own life, making her existence in this world a fake one. For that, it goes on my favorites list. After that, there was no further communication.

She remembers a more innocent time with her two best friends. Her take on the draamcrazy fable is just mind boggling amazing. He was happy that he got the time to spend with JH to epizode him as he is and received love from JH before her time. Kang is working at a construction site and gets testy with a foreman about the construction not going according to his design.

What a beautiful, beautiful ending.

Innocent Man Episode 19

In Jung needs that envelope, because otherwise Min Ho will become a worse person than his own dad. Yi Episide and Kang are there, and both cry for Ji Hyun. You put the ending into perspective with the entire series and helped me see that it fit in the world the writer created. I too liked the ending.