That the Imacon FlexTight scanner is different is evident at a glance. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Another consideration is scanning speed and file size. The Camera that Changed Photography. Using the landscape window in the 35mm film holder of the FlexTight, I made scans of most of these images which were entirely satisfactory in replicating the values visible in the slides. The physical ease and efficiency of using the scanner loading and unloading film images, as well as the direct and straightforward design of the ColorFlex software controls and image adjustment tools, assures getting an exceptional quantity of work done in the time invested working with the scanner. I’d do the Epson and not worry about it. Have you run a search of the site- IIRC there’s quite a lot of material on here and it might be better than waiting for a new answer?

Latest Trending Photos Videos. Something that 35mm users should be aware of is that transparencies need to be removed from their slide mounts for scanning. June 15, By Alain Briot. Skip to main content. Leave this field blank. Originally Posted by thompsonkirk.

I then embarked on an ambitious scanning task feeling confident I could us the ColorFlex software’s very straightforward color correction tools effectively.

From 72 to dpi; True Optical at percent magnification Image Quality: There is a very real difference still between professional scans and what the individual user can achieve even with the latest and best personal scanners.

That the Imacon FlexTight scanner is different is evident at a glance. Or should I just buy an pdecision Mac that rpecision with scsi?

The one still in production today is the Epson V which gives very good results for the price and is used in a lot of pro labs. Thank You SO much!!! It is far superior to my Epson V About this product Product Information The Imacon Flextight Precision II Scanner is equipped with an innovative color scanning method which employs a magnetic frame and a virtual drum to give you exceptionally clear and detailed scans.


Another consideration is scanning speed and file size. Originally Posted by 2WK. The are only a few high-end flatbeds worth considering.

I’m sure there’s a person or two on Photo. Have you run a search of the site- IIRC there’s quite a lot of material on here and it might be better than waiting for a new answer? Build quality is first rate and there are no mirrors between the CCD and the imaging lens. The above frames were scanned without using scanner image correction. The time now is November 27, By Adam Woodworth. Results 1 to 9 of 9.

Imacon Comparison – Luminous Landscape

Or do I need to buy another Mac that runs Snow Leopard? Do You Love Your Camera? So was the cost difference though. Latest Trending Photos Videos. Which Mirrorless Camera Is Better: I’d read that Ratoc converters were touchy and sometimes had to be re-connected. I’m bet it will work fine with Sierra. This is further aided with 35mm slides by selecting the landscape aperture of the film holder which supports the greatest light transmission through the film.

Imacon Flextight Precision II Photo, Slide & Film Scanner

After Sierra, pretty much all video cards will work! I used to own and use the old a great deal.

Discussion in ‘ Digital Darkroom ‘ started by rondalJan 18, I won’t get into how much retouching of dirt and scratches these images required, but once that work was done, the quality of the image files was astoundingly fine especially considering the originals were all over the place in exposure and development.

Nikon Photo, Slide and Film Scanner. This is a very high-end scanner that ever made and totally worth it! There is a huge learning curve to them Rondal. I sold my high-end backlit Epson a few years ago. The “tower” that rises above the base and loading stage house the CCD element and lens assembly. Michael passed away in May Depending on the film size as set by the user in the software driver in relation to the holder used, the lens assembly is positioned precisely and appropriately between the drum and the CCD array above.


The FlexTight design advantage also includes a small “light table” that makes loading film images into the patented holders a simple, rapid action with immediate visual assurance of precise image alignment.

Scanning a 6×6 could take let say 5min with a imacon, with the epson Neither has either the resolution or DMax to make their high cost worthwhile. In fact, I just built an older tower for a friend for his 3d rendering needs. Surprisingly, the viable choices in medium format were few. Share This Page Tweet. Call of the Wild. Interior design by David Gasparyan. Front Page What’s New? Save on Scanners Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days.

The FlexTight scanning light source is adaptive and combined with the 3. Besides an unusual shape, its configuration only takes up about half the desk space of a typical flat-bed scanner. That said, for 6×6 and coffee table books, you won’t notice much of any difference. Ready for Your Close-Up?: There are several less expensive options for scanning medium format negatives and positives.

Emails are serviced by Constant Contact. This alone would be significant, but the FlexTight also supports very efficient operation for high productivity, and its software makes accurate perceptually adjusted color correction as quick and easy as the best of the newest personal scanners currently available.