Keep them Hideoshy gender gender-bender antics in Baka-test: Hatsuyuki Kami-sama Online Joined: All females should be pure and not use their beautiful bodies for money. Someone earlier mentioned its an alternate reality but then that would mean that moment where they recall Jubei disappearing won’t make any sense. They changed the end of the frist series for the blu-ray release, at the end Jubei reappears the same way as she did when first appeared, would have made sense to show it as a little recap at the start though. And luckily it’s uncensored. XD Glad they are back! Forum Settings Episode Information Forums.

I hated those blotches on the first season. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself. So maybe we’ll get a flashback to how she came back. They may be strong but dark As for the episode, it was great, the dark samurai girls are strong as hell, can’t wait to see more from them, enjoyed s1, hope this one won’t disappoint as well. I missed this kind of art:

I wonder where was the announcement of this change?

Senran Kagura was okay but it didn’t take things as far as Samurai Girls in terms of action and Fanservice, what exactly make it similar to you? Thanks for that useful bit of info. The “moe, moe, kyun, kyun” part was way too cute. All females should be pure and not use their beautiful bodies for money.

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If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. Samuria was fairly decent as well. Samurai Bride Episode 1 Discussion. As long as you remember her, you are not alone.

Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. The version that was aired on AT-X which is a cable channel was not. Hey it’s that show with all the black paint episod heavy bold lines barely remember the first season but this was a okay start.

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Hatsuyuki Kami-sama Online Joined: So MAL finally starts locking news threads that are only a few weeks old? And why is Yukimura the only one not wearing a maid outfit?


I am not a fan of the art style as some are. BBCode Modified by meneliksempai, Apr 6, 3: I imagine I’ll have a hard time reading the next chapter of Vagabond though. Somehow I go the feeling that I am watching the last episode of Senran Kagura in this first episode of another show Someone earlier samjrai its an alternate reality but then that would mean that moment where they recall Jubei disappearing won’t make any sense.

I wonder how long people would put up with this. The BD release has a different ending that answers your question ; Basically She falls alive from the sky into Muneirika arms in that version, so the show didn’t fail. We love you AT-X! Lol a nice start, hope for an ending this time.

Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Bride Episode 1 Discussion

It could be that my memory is bad, but I don’t get how Juubei the nice one is still alive. I watched the blob 66 version and didn’t bother with the blu-ray version. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen this. So maybe we’ll get a flashback to how she came back.

The unique artstyle is the only saving grace right now.

Not a bad start. But the one aired on network channel was.

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Well the only available one for me was from AT-X and it was uncensored, so looks like that’s what fansubs are going for anyway.

Ah, thanks for clearing it up eipsode me. It was nice to see Jyuubei again I love how it makes them out as “dark” samurai but they are pretty dang tame. And knowing that they had to pull a deux ex machina out of their ass to revive Jubei for no apparent reason doesn’t help to change my impression for the better.

Forgot how unique this art style was with it’s heavily bolded lines.


The dark samurai girls were badass, and kicked Muneakira and the girls asses quick and proper. Damn it i cant get that song out my head, it catchy ill give em that But that Being Said Dat. There was a timeskip though. Not too much to say but dat ED song; those imagery and super deformed versions of the characters. Started off well enough. Now the wait for uncensored Yukimura begins. Apparently Jubei’s samurai alter ego who comes out from the kiss is ryoutan from the battle from last season and Muneakira has 1 month to get her back or he loses his General powers.

Hahahaha, this episode made me laugh with epiisode moe, moe, kyun, kyun” part. Didn’t she die along with her other half in the final episode of season one? A plus for this Its back awesome I feel nostalgic looking forward for more!!!! I can’t believe I’m still continuing to watch such an awful show like this, but I’m hooked to the art style.

Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. I guess from the first seconds of the episode we can assume that D’Artagnan and the Tokugawa production Master Samurais we beaten into a pulp by the four dark Samurai.

Sa,urai love the censored version cause of that. The dark samurai girls actually seemed sorta friendly, the one girl even coming back to the cafe the next day for an omelette.

And luckily it’s uncensored. FFF released the uncensored. Always, somewhere, someone is fighting for you. XD Glad they are back!