Also curious as to why you always post those gifs. HxH and Kingdom going hard next couple weeks so jacked for them. Oh man watching Captain Levi go apeshiit on that giant she bitch was so boss Ive never liked him. Intense atmosphere in this episode, those feels. There are some better ones, some miscers in this area let me know of that offers better caps for the prices, but they are only internet providers. ISP in Canada absolutely suck. Excellent will buy referring to the whited out comments omfg r u srs? Help improve our database by adding background information here.

Makoto bangs Kotonoha’s little sister. Links alot of my MAL,anime i watched and some girls. Characters are great, decent action, nice music, nice ending, etc. I saved them all like a good onii-chan. Ranked Popularity 21 Members , I thought this season was going to be alright, but now it is filled with utter crap.

PGarp well, im gunna have a good time rayleigh and garp hnng, lol’d at hattori, rob lucci’s pidgeon, cant imagining that doing much for ya lmao.

It doesn’t really have much shock and awe factor to grip most people from the go. Rest of the boards on there aren’t even that bad, srs. Love Lab was great, I thought it’d be weak going in but I get the feeling it will be one of my favourites this season. Worst MC’s ever, well maybe not ever but they are phaggots. His main goal was never to truly wipe out the titans, but to see and explore the outside world, to be free.


Shippuuden Movie 1Naruto: Spoiler after spoiler after spoiler for SnK. That OST playing with Levi was beast.

Coppelion In a meltdown of a nuclear power plant creates a big catastrophe in Tokyo. I am with Bell. I was in love with Piedmon. Yeah, another brah itt told me about that and another company. Over drive is pretty entertaining http: No feels felt, not leaving.

Yeah, it’s clearly obvious who it is, but sad to see that it’s “that” person. I wasn’t much for manga until I figured out once series ended the manga kept them going, beserk was a big one, also pretty much every other anime after I found out. Haiyoru Nyaruko-san W Rank 3: Lol if you men the whole thing for download then probably not, but it’ll be out by the time you finish S1 I’m sure.

That’s true, most are those shut-in types.

Nothing beats a good Japanese nikuman, imo. Lmao reminds me of what people do to people on misc. Main char makes full retard decisions and I really disliked the main girl I loved both MC’s.

Hunter x Hunter () Se1 – Ep71 HD Watch – Dailymotion Video

Was on a Anime chatango chat and came across this girl. But why aren’t they wearing any protection against radiation? Who else is pumped!

You should check out these sports show. I’m sure you brah’s will recognize a strong resemblance. Even with shounen MC powers, Eren is still incompetent. And that guy is Mainsane loll. I’m glad you’re starting to see the light: Shippuuden Movie 2 – KizunaNaruto: Lol’d surprised you don’t come up when DFC gets searched omfg lmao Google image search “.


Hunter x Hunter (2011) Se1 – Ep71 HD Watch

Genshiken Naidame is also nice. Could have ended on chapter or whatever or it was when they finally did it and I would have been completely okay with that. Strong creeper not srs I actually like SnK but it’s not all it’s made out to be, I guess some of the intensity of the show is lost on me not being able to like the characters. Feels like a weak season this summer. Wait the whole second season is already available even though the whole thing hasn’t aired yet? Shippuuden Episode Discussion Znote – Dec 1, This, must have been a different Shizuku since the one I posted doesn’t have cowtits.

Ao no Exorcist BD raw is out! Still was a good episode so it’s alright. Apocolypmon felt really stupid for a “final bad guy” though. D Inb4 Cross days anime adaption follow up.