Leorio and Kurapika encounter Hisoka, who is surrounded by a group of candidates who feel that he’s a threat they need to kill. After arguing with the family butler and attempting to climb over the gate with his fishing pole, Gon’s spirit convinces Zebro to open the Testing Gate and accompany them so they can enter without Mike eating them. I guess it’s a plot hole: As the king is yet to defeat his opponent, Cheetu tries to provoke Morel into running after him with no success, unaware that he is setting a trap for him. They head to Soufrabi to monopolize Patch of Shore, one of the cards Genthru is missing. I haven’t read the manga or watched anime, should I I’d watch the anime. Well we had a good run. Of course, there are probably some obvious details that could have been left out though.

O Also we get one of my favorite lines this episode: Between the split second reactions in the conflict with Youpi, Meruem’s conflicts coming to light in front of his greatest adversaries, and the inner turmoil of pretty much everybody involved, this made for an extremely intense episode that captured a spirit that, oddly enough over episodes, I don’t think has been caught in a single one that came before it. OP – – – Updated – – – Oh, one more thing Those badly drawn chapters were right before the breaks. Of course, if a Nen user went against a RG unprepared they’d most likely die, but with a good plan there is always a chance. An in-game event takes place to win the 00 card. If anyone has an idea, do tell. You can also use the legacy code for spoilers, to make Latest Chapter Spoilers , use:.

I’m going to tell you right now, don’t even bother with Pitou’s gender. Seeing all the tactical interplay between wpisode the characters involved in this invasion, with reactions and counter reactions, at almost a second by second pace is cool Daily MVP There everyone stood, frozen in fear at the unexpected situation of Dragon Dive arrows falling all around them and Youpi standing animsget their way Here’s to hoping that the anime changes the way Meruem is revived.

Gon and Killua will of course will only give a handful of fucks. I can see for myself that character X is shaken or things are bad, I’m freaking watching the characters and situations. Gon heads home to Whale Island along with Killua. Meanwhile, Illumi asks for Hisoka’s help to stop Killua’s plans, and with elections yet to reach a conclusion, the Zodiacs keep arguing about a possible way to bring it to end. I wish I had typed up something more about the usage of the OST in this show.



The only manga from your list that gunter qualify as battle shonen is Death Note. This episode completely flips everything in its head. July 9, [b].

Watch Hunter x Hunter () –

Just made it into the Ant Army arc. Hunter X Hunter is the only anime I’m watching at the moment, and damn right deservingly so. The candidates are told that to pass Phase 3, they have to climb down from the top to the base of the tower within 72 hours. Oh, one more thing Surrounded by his friends and the other hunters who celebrate his recovery, Gon meets his father at last. He finds himself in an interview to become a bodyguard for someone who has connections with the Southern Piece Auction.

The Fourth Phase ended and 9 applicants will go on through the Final Phase and the chairman interviewed each of them, after that Gon and Kurapika chat and thank each other. I was really mesmerized reading this part of the arc.

So there are many pro wrestling moves that I have yet to tackle in episde segment, so lets change that. Gon and Killua explore the airship, and Killua tells Gon that he is actually from a family of assassins. Isn’t this manga on hiatus. Should they infringe upon this act, their cause would be lost.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Team Genthru now has 96 different types of restricted slot cards after tricking Team Tsezguerra. Gon, Killua, and Leorio look for other ways to make some money. I just can’t wait for the conclusion of this arc. Gon shatters a floor tile to create a distraction and manages to successfully land a punch on Hisoka in the faceā€”the bar that Hisoka set for Gon being a worthy opponent.

In the occasion, Ging reveals his intentions to explore the world beyond the current boundaries known by mankind and Gon tells him of all his adventures, while his friends keep following their separate ways, each one of them with their own dreams and goals to pursue. How do you think the Anime guys will handle it?

Having won the match, the king finally learns from Netero his true name – Meruem, just before Netero commits suicide to trigger a weapon of mass destruction stored inside his body in a last attempt to anijeget him. The two leave and head towards their room. But even with bad quality drawing HxH is still awesome.

However, they only have 20 hours left to wager. You need to judge a series by looking at the entire thing. Gon can’t do anything against Hanzo, but he refuses to give up.


Hinter the first phase, a number of participants drop out from fatigue after running for at least forty kilometers. Now that Kurapika and Leorio know that neither is the other’s target, they decide to form an hynter.


However, what they found could hardly be considered typical behavior of one. The king is gonna murder everyone.

The animation is top notch and Gon charging up his Janken to Morel gave me sick nerdchills. Gon’s target turns out to be Hisoka, much to his dismay. Spoilers can sometimes prove difficult to interpret. Meanwhile, the Phantom Troupe eplsode at Yorknew City. Read the rules for more information. That a whole episode would be one minute. Then, buckle up for an all night Samurai Champloo marathon on May 28th”. Despite the fact that Ging left his son with his relatives in order to pursue his own dreams, Gon becomes determined to follow in his father’s footsteps, pass the rigorous “Hunter Examination”, and eventually find his father to become a Hunter in his own right.

On the outskirts of Yorknew, Kurapika seeks vengeance for his fallen brethren by facing Uvogin. By following majority rule, the group eventually reaches an arena, where they have to face prisoners hired by Lippo to become combatants.

Despite all efforts to save the queen, she does not resist her wounds and dies, but not before revealing Colt the name she had chosen for the king: Even in animeeget of shounen I would say it stands as one of the best arcs, there are not many who can compete with it.

Despite knowing that she will also be poisoned to death by staying close to Meruem, Komugi stays by his side until his last breath and passes away in sequence. Like some primordial sea monster. Gon is a man hunyer a terrible, terrible, suicidal mission; Meruem’s humanity continues to grow as he’s anguished over Komugi; Pitou gets herself back into the picture and ready to fight. Last episode we learned of Netero’s almost time stopping abilities, and now we get this.

Gon manages to get them out of the sticky situation and through to the final phase of the exam.