The second season picks up 24 hours after the storm and Elka’s arrest on hiding stolen property. In addition, Melanie visits her home in Los Angeles as it is locked up in legal limbo, and pines for the good days she and her family had in that residence. Retrieved November 10, Retrieved June 18, This caused Martin “to think about women in their 50s and what the show meant for women now. Retrieved December 2,

The new season premiered on January 19, and had a mid-season finale on March 23, Retrieved May 10, Retrieved July 8, Retrieved November 7, Bridezelka 24 Aug Retrieved March 24, Retrieved September 2, Retrieved June 1,

Retrieved September 12, Hot in Cleveland season 5. Betty White was only meant to appear in the pilot of the show but was asked to stay on for the entire series.

Retrieved June 17, Retrieved January 27, Retrieved June 22, cawt A pair of black Spandex pants are tied into Victoria getting into a fight with Melanie Griffith during a movie audition, Melanie attempting to date a doctor, and a younger guy, who Brixezelka was hoping to date, asking Joy to babysit his son instead.

As Joy mulls over her options to conceive at a fertility clinic, she ends up having casual sex with Rick, who turns out to be a sperm donor at the clinic.

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Retrieved January 15, Retrieved July 29, Retrieved June 4, Retrieved September 2, The girls visit a gay bar to find male gay best friends. Susan Lucci’s Heading to ‘Hot in Cleveland’ Retrieved February 25, Archived from the original on July 20, Archived from the original on November 14, TV Land announced that the show had been renewed for a second season on July 7, Victoria Chase Betty White Retrieved March 4, Elka rescues a dog from the shelter, called “Dummy” by the shelter workers, and she becomes exasperated when he can’t learn any tricks.


Archived from the original on January 11, The season ends with a cliffhanger, when Max shows up and tells Elka he made a mistake leaving her, and not to marry Fred.

Retrieved March 9, Clues in the bar help Joy and Victoria remember that they went to Canada with the touring cast of Hairspraywhich explains their hair at the beginning of the episode. List of Hot in Cleveland episodes.

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This caused Martin “to think about women in their 50s and what clevelans show meant for women now. Retrieved July 20, Her love life also takes a weird turn when she finds out a guy she thought was into her really just wants Joy to babysit his son while he dates a different woman, which gives Joy the idea of wanting to have another child.

Retrieved March 24, On top of that, she tells Elka after being arrested by Pete for taking money in a rummage sale drug deal she sold a guy Victoria’s “chill pills” that she was a shoplifter as a teenager.


After deliberating on it, she agrees, but when she sees his shrine to his late wife, she concludes that Max is not ready to marry again and consequently breaks things off with him for good, returning home to face her trial with the support of the girls.

February 17, [69].

Original full-length pilot, bloopers, wardrobe featurette, “We Love Our Age” featurette, set tour, Victoria’s full-length Japanese “lady pants” commercial, episode of ” Retired at 35 “. Elka meets up with an old friend Mary Tyler Moore while she is in prison and Melanie, Joy and Victoria hold a fundraiser to raise the money to pay her bail. Retrieved April 22, The New York Times Company.

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April 26, [76]. Retrieved June 23, The second episode to feature the Hot in Cleveland In L. Retrieved from ” https: