You got bad one, and that can certainly leave a “foul taste”. It’s sad to hear that this great maker has fallen on such hard times. I have shot twice and killed two. I guess he has had it for a couple years now and never had any complaints. It was only designed for , and in reality, so is the M Surely the “competitor” you sent it back to would have all the pertinent information and be returning it to the maker. It will go in my study in memory of and out of respect for Jim Leatherwood.

Next shot was straight through the “pump station”. Great forum, glad to be a part of it!! Or anything else that may beat the above? It didn’t even move It was only designed for , and in reality, so is the M I still respect their opinions, still value their inputs, but that doesn’t mean my experiences were invalid, just different. However, one instance does not a history make. I removed the URL’s of other websites

I have shot twice and killed two.

Great forum, glad to be a part of it!! The Sporter I used to The M I have only used on paper, but it has m-10000 far been all I could ask for. If you want to shoot longer ranges, the M will work very well.

Is there such thing as perfection? The production of designs created by Jim Leatherwood is now overseen directly by his son, Corbett.

Hi-Lux Optics Camputer M-1000 ART ART2510X44 Rifle Scope

I think I remember that our own Koshkin did a review of the Meopro, a Conquest, and a Minox a while back and liked the Meopro pretty well. For the record, I reviewed the Leatherwood 2. The only reservation I have with Leatherwood is the fact that they don’t provide with their scopes lifetime warranty so I’m afraid they’ll lose out to those top notch companies that do each and every time. I pulled the shot high, right and only grazed the deer across the fold of skin on its neck.

Do any of you have presonal experience in this rifle scope? It is constructed specifically for the ART series I’ve only had to shoot twice one time, my fault, not the scope or rifle. When the Leatherwood Sporter was first introduced, I spent a lot of time corresponding with and talking with Jim Leatherwood about the scope.


I cannot speak to durability, because my experience with the Meopta’s is via a friend I sometimes encounter at the range. If by intermecials you are refering to my post you are wrong. Opinion,untempered by fact,is ignorance.

I was under the impression that the new leatherwood stuff was all junk. I think it is a good scope, compares well with anything I’ve seen in the price range In an effort to solve the quality problems, Leatherwood purchased its own factory about two years ago and mounted an intense effort to overcome quality issues.

Someone asked why choose this scope if I don’t shoot beyond yards, well I’m an engineer so I very much appreciate innovative thinking and the Leatherwood ART M is exactly that.

Surely the “competitor” you sent it back to would have all the pertinent information and be returning it to the maker. I doubt that they have two distinctly different scopes with identical specs and configuration and that look identical upon inspection.

Hi-Lux Optics Camputer M ART ARTX44 Rifle Scope | eBay

Every manufacturer produces a lemon now and then, I guess, but as long as they do right by their customers it’s fine by me. It didn’t even move It was one of the best purchases I have ever made. Or anything else that may beat the above? I actually had numberbut Jim requested that one back because he lent it to me as a “review” item. We were still 20 years away from the IBM Personal Computer and all of your calculations were done on slide rules. The Meospro is very close, in my eyes, to the Conquest glass-wise.

A reply from Corbett Leatherwood: It doesn’t get a lot of press, but it is optically pretty darned good. The Sporter is being retired, though it is still useable.


Kickboxer, thank you for your input. Please PM me with the “competitor” name and I will make some inquiries. What a great article by ILya, thank you for pointing it out! The M mounting and usage instructions can be found on youtube. Give him my e-mail address if he wants to debate the issue.

Is there a reason you did not directly ID the maker’s name and scope model? There have been quality issues with the Leatherwood scopes due to the factory being in China.

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I’ve killed a lot of Alabama deer and never had to shoot twice for one deer again. It is on a. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot adt polls in this forum You cannot vote in polls in this forum.

I did send one M back, but it had been subjected to mail damage I am in no way connected to Leatherwood, I am just a satisfied customer who is sharing his experience with the particular company. As I recall, the story was still out on how well it would j-1000 up I listen to their inputs, weigh them against my experiences, and decide if I am willing to bet my money against their advice.

I am usually the first person in the woods and the last one out, and have never had a problem with lowlight shooting.

I had to replace my M once due to a quality issue, but the process was painless and worthwhile.