Smile, You Full Episode S 1: Janny July 22, at I am with you on this! One of the bandmembers from The Stupid overhears this problem and reports back to everyone else, which of course sends Shin running for his bike. Her character has a lot of flaws, but she doesn’t seem evil, but competitive and insecure those 2 together makes ppl end up being alone I think But in her interaction with Ki young that she is a good person and wishes him to succeed. Email Address never made public. Silver July 23, at 3: Cold , alone, easy to break, thats why they have such a thick skin according to others.

The lights went off, and when it came back on, they were really close to each other. Em July 23, at 4: A bunch of people are placing bets, and the Three Angry Girls who bullies Kyu-won actually want her to win. I just couldn’t help laughing when I saw it. She adds that Shin is exactly the same as his father. So True It Hurts: Episodes by LollyPip.

For me it also “drove home” the major differences in age and stage in life. I hope it’ll get better.


Her excuse is that because she was sick, she feels even hungrier. Park Shin Hye Main Cast. She acts brat outside but her heart is not like that inside. If in his little ways, we can’t deny the his chemistry with Kyuwon. Roxy July 23, at 1: Kyu-Won also comes from a family who has one of the three best pansori singers in the world. Due to her personality, she is often alone heartstrnigs no friends.


Lilian July 30, at 5: D kyuwon and shin it’s more realistic to have a teacher dating a teacher than a student.

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Tae-joon gives her a standing applause as the reporters flash their cameras.

Someone might just know. He was so lovely there. Confession Full Episode S 1: Now we have two men chasing after Kyu-won! A verification email has been sent to your new email address.

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I think the real and major explosion of dgamacrazy emotions ,I mean from the calm and cool Shin might come Two, the touting of Hee-joo as this amazing singer.

Ever since Kyu Won admired his singing performance, I thought they would soon meet afterwards. I hope we get to hear him sing soon and often. This hinted to the audience that from now on officially the romance between Junhee and Heejoo will begin!

Although she has a rude personality, she has a weakness where she does not want to lose her position as being the main character in all the musicals. When were you under me? JELL with her mom July 22, at Seok-hyun offers to drive her home instead; as the director of the performance he might be able to smooth things over with the grandfather better.

I swear this song became a torture to me. All we need is ‘Almost Paradise’! One, the lack of Ki-young. Like Liked by 1 person. Jun-hee even offers her a wrap, which stuns his bandmates; Jun-hee never gives his food away! I’m a bit epsode in the episode just finished 5 but thats where I noticed it.

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Thank you so much! Thanks for the recap I love this ep to bits It’s all repeat and all I can say now it For her, just being a part of this performance has reinvigorated her love for music and the gayageum, which she was already getting quite sick of.


I hope the ratings improves. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Unfortunately, it looks to be a one-woman performance as Kyu-won is currently locked into her room. So glad that the drama is turning away from the mopey ballerina story and concentrating on the kids well, young adults!

I’m glad things turned out this way, because I think it reflects reality more, and that makes for less manufactured drama – always a good thing in my book. What would be epic in episode 8 is for Gi Young and Kyu Won to get close together or something, making Shin jealous. Btw, I believe he still has Kyuwon’s heart.

She is in the Korean traditional music department. Now, plucky Kyu-won’s back! Stay tuned for ep 8 next wednesday! Blue song, but certainly quite a nice ballad. episofe

Shin arrives just in time — just twenty minutes before the time of the audition — episide gets his sister to do a little something for him…. He starts fishing through her room and discovers all these papers heartstrinvs music sheets associated with that performance. I actually never really understood how she reached the point of falling for him, as she denied it for so long, but I guess closeness breeds affinity, which can then turn to a crush.