Just sit and study has little value. She really likes” both asked trying to sound as calm as possible. Swargini and sanlak friends to love episode 5 Yesterday episode we saw shekar accepting to go to dp house. She was very angry with his friend for bringing this up, in fact she actually did not even consider her friend Tanya. Tanya, who never actually saw that guy was, but she really likes it fresh and juicy gossip. Akshaya wondered what happened to your friend, moments ago it was okay, but as soon as she mentioned his popularity, his face turned pale. Nayla says yes for Ahmed after looking at his younger brother who is very handsome. Sanskar swara help to pack their luggage, on the other hand helps ragini Laksh.

Then there is a certain EyeLock them. Do your homework in the same place every day. The children having 16 to 21 year age limit can be admit in the class Eight. First, their work is interrupted. I was sleeping there because iwas fever. Just sit and study has little value. Choti Si Qayamat 8 November Watch.

If she was in her former school now, he was probably the first person to know about this. Think about using a weekend morning or afternoon for working on big projects, especially if the project involves getting together with classmates. Study time is any time that you namari doing something related to schoolwork.

If your parents are busy and have a brother or sister, you ask for help, or get their parents to ask. If thn also kill themselves then says he can not die. When she asks Rehan to marry her and says she is going to leave her husband. The e;isode having 16 to 21 year age limit can be admit in the class Eight.

Nayla gets a proposal from a very rich family. From that day she starts hating him and also is very rude to her in laws who are very nice to her. Kishwar says everyone hamar laughing and laughing when I spit idea was raised in the task and opposite Salman denied all be part of it, Rochelle says i do not deny Suyyash says they all become afraid against Salman. Taking short breaks will restore your mental energy.


Try to do your homework at the same time every day – right after school, just before dinner, or just after dinner. Dp swaragini calls and tells them to get ready to go home. I was sleeping there because iwas fever.

Hamari Bitiya

A delay in studying is called “procrastination. Middle is necessary for the ninth class. Try not to do too much studying at one time. Tanya was not surprised to hear that, “Popularity is what makes people cautious about their decisions and choices.

Goals will help you stay focused and monitor your progress. Yes, weekends should be fun. You must be very clear about what you want to accomplish during your study times. Rehan says he was just passing time and insults her. On the other side we see ragini standing on the balcony of thinking something serious and Laksh see that and passes close to her and ask what happened but ragini not see Laksh because their thinking and Laksh shakes ragini and ragini comes to his senses and sees Laksh and ask when he came.

Swargini and sanlak dpisode to love episode 5.

Diwali he wants and says all want to see some cookies, if you remember that Kishwar company and spat on Rishab drink and I discussed last day, let’s see what happened after that. It abby immediately, jokingly hit and asked them to be seated. gitya


She likes her very handsome cousin Zami. To the surprise of Tanya, both knew these two guys very well to see his level of comfort! In life she wants the best and praises beauty a lot. Schedule specific times throughout the week for your study time.

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Only ask for help if you really need. Suja then says that she is my daughter after hny bhais arju krn and then surprised thinking hny arju walks to his last moments with Surya and he sits in bed and hugging hnys [tears] then says Badi hogayi bahoot tum, Bihya Nur Dad are fnds childhood. Video playback, Mandana says inmates I was doing my homework was said by Bigg boss, but what people bowed so low, you have given me so many names I am player, false etc, but have made fool you, only, Yuvika says you do not listen to others, why should we?

Digi says Puneet Rishab that is trying to influence using the epispde of my family, Rishab says these people taking it lightly, Digi says i do not spit in the food when they were doing. Akshaya, the other twin simply told him that his other friend, Sammy loves the popular kid in grade. But there is also time to do some revision. Space the work you do during shorter periods of time. Now she she understand real face behind Rehan and tries to return to her husband but it is too late all is lost.