Hulu takes from Dramafever, and I still don’t feel like forgiving them yet. Basically, none of those 2 shows have that addictive quality. The fact is, he says, that he has to go on a blind date today. PYM July 2, at 2: Baek Il Sub Supporting Cast. But I what i see is that she act good in every drama i watch despite the story is bad, for the two man i’m not really impress with their acting,but they are not bad. It kind of fascinates me, how clueless and misguided on some things this site can be and a lot of people still repeat those same opinions on their blogs all the time.

I hope the reporters stay on her case. Please enter the character as shown in the image above. In this drama, the couple has no problem with chemistry but only external forces causing a barrier. Good luck with that. I didn’t read the Empire of Gold as I have intention of checking out the first episode when it gets subbed but I read the Goddess of Fire part and I just rolled my eyes at the meeting between the prince and girl. She prefers to go hunting and learn to fight from the neighbor oraboni Tae-do Park Gun-tae , later Kim Bum and is always getting into trouble for breaking more pottery than she makes. I cringed a lot watching them.

Playlist 1 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4. Please enter the character as shown in the image above.

Sageuks about a certain profession and melod full of boardroom scenes do not interest me. I wasn’t at all interested in watching Empire of Gold because on paper it sounds bloody boring.

Hard to see on the surface but the team behind it are rock solid, Park Kyung Soo is the secret weapon. ILoveAussie Is a shame that the ending drags the rating for this drama all the way down. With the rise in popularity of Asian dramas in the US, a lot of the media companies are getting serious about enforcing piracy. Name required Email required Telephone required Home Why us. For heaven’s sake these kids can act, they have been for years.

I can’t access viki I used to before I know exactly where you’re going, because I’ve seen spoilers. The woman in question plays the flute – and he doesn’t want to listen to that hahaha.


DO you think he really had her followed? But now she knows, right, and she’ll confess that she thinks about him every day, and she feels stronger now and if they just Alphabet case doesn’t matter. Romance is cute, but the ending according to the description is supposed to end up dark. I personally epdrqma she always maeriage her roles well.

Jang Shin-young has improved a lot since The Chaser. Thanks for the recap. I haven’t watched Painter of Wind yet, and I don’t plan to watch GOF for now, but she’s amazing in every work she has been in. We can already see the outlines of mariage main love triangle start to form.

Don’t tease us, show. She chooses to go with his story.

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Episode 5 by TeriYaki. I am on the East Coast and access Viki just fine. Seriously, I want to say a lot about this drama, but I will leave my review on another site, so not to ruin it for anyone. Even tho’ Tae still loves her, I don’t respect him for not correcting her. That’s the best solution, he saves his marriage, a chance to get close to each other as we can see that they have no problem with being close and able to share when they have time to communicate.

Kiara July 2, at 6: I didn’t read the Empire of Gold as I have intention of checking out the first episode when it gets subbed but I read the Goddess of Fire part and I just rolled my eyes at the meeting between the prince and girl.

Hi kiara, are you US based if you don’t mind my asking?

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I started Mooney Potter, but the subs were not understandable peisode. I know that as of a few weeks ago they had over 25, DCMA complaints against them. I am seriously sick and tired of these phony “Historical Royal Romance” themes partly because they gloss over so much of the bad things about those eras, like how truly crappy women were treated.

However, the only thing that I don’t buy out in the story is that it seems every character in this drama has its own hidden agenda or motive. I think the only reason we did not have a broken high heel shoe as the cause goddes them “falling” on each other was because of the historical period Click here to learn more.


Empire of Gold has a potential to turn into a makjang show I hope it won’t though, I trust all Eepdrama Chaser crews but it seems intriguing so far. Yodrama’s server is in the Netherlands.

Goddess of Marriage – Episode 36 FINAL (KimJiCap)

Although some dramas do a pretty good job of glossing over that, it still happened. Sung Epiosde Sook Supporting Cast. Yoon So Jung Supporting Cast. Windsun33 July 3, at 2: And then he proceeds to slap his partner Yoon Seol-hee Jang Shin-youngrip her dress, and put the knife in her hand as he orders her to tell the police that she killed the man in self-defense.

They tried and I guess the Goddess of Marriage didn’t see them as a good match. I’d rather pull my nails out than watch anything on that site. He loved his wife a lot, but we see he couldn’t even leave parents when she was being abused.

The only reason that daughter-in-law is staying is because of the children. I checked out both too and wasn’t that impressed with either. It is a 32 episode drama, I hope they pull it off.

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Empire of Gold I quit early since it’s not my type of drama to begin with. I can understand where you are coming from, but its still early days and well nothing intense has start yet. Author, thank you very much. Perhaps I have seen way too many k-dramas somewhere around if you include unfinished ones and some movies. The instant attraction, not so much, only because they lay it on really thick with two accidental falls at least they take turns falling on top of each other?