But I wanted money too. Rajbeer pushes her and leaves. Riya was happy watching them. The girls take the cycle. Niranjan asks Amma to start making a space for Gangaa in her heart. They compliment her for the good work. Shanta finds out about the puppy and decides to use the information to her advantage. Gangaa decides to go with Amma to her next destination, not knowing Niranjan was on his way home.

Sagar has to undergo a very dangerous operation. Gangaa catches two thieves trying to rob the house dead in their tracks and in the process Sagar gets injured. Manjulika realizes Pari must be here, but starts flirting with Rajbeer. In the early parts of the morning, Gangaa disappears and everyone is looking for her. With the wedding going on in the house, how will Gangaa free herself this time? Gangaa is seen taking care of everyone in the house and also patiently waiting for Sagar to return home. Shopkeeper comes to give her her hard earned 7k. Shopkeeper compliments Ganga for the good work.

Shanta creates even more trouble as she continues to instigate Madhvi and Amma against each other. They will all bear whatever he behaves with Ganga.

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Arhan gets his powers back, sees Pari injured and unconscious, feels guilty that she gangaq injured because of him. Amma ji wont let me come inside the house!

Sagar and gangaa find a abandoned puppy and at the same time the priest gives instruction for the house to be cleansed and no animals are allowed inside.

Africa 10 hours ago.

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Ganga looks sadly at the cycle in their hands and walks in the direction where they are leaving. Ganga gives them their cycles. Pulkit makes a decision that stuns everyone. Gangaa decides to go with Amma to her next destination, not knowing Niranjan was on his way home.


He can see that the wound has turned blue. Savitri says she always wants him to become Matha Desh as soon as possible. Africa 9 hours ago. Gangaa and Sagar are completely helpless, on one hand gangaz want to expose Shanta and on the other they epixode loosing the puppy.

Sushim says what are you trying to say?

She says it is a small wound. Gangaa also notices that Shanta is behind all the misunderstandings.

Looks like Yash and Jhanvi are forming a partnership against Gangaa. They compliment her for the good work. Niranjan asks Amma to start making a space for Gangaa in her heart. Dharma comes to Ashok, she takes him aside and says i told you to not cross limits, Ashok says i am not crossing line, she was hurt and i was putting cream on her wounds, Charu comes in and says we can see everything, Ashok says you are thinking wrong, if you wanted to help her then you could have called Sushim or servants, what was you intention?

But I wont let you get upset and leave. Sagar and Gangaa manage to get enough money to take the puppy to the vet. She thinks she will get Rajbeer at any cost.

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episod Rajbeer comes searching Pari. Politics 7 hours ago. Ahenkara recalls how Sushim killed pigeon who brought smile on her face, Ashok says to Sushim that you are thinking wrong, Sushim says call me Samrat, Ashok says Samrat Sushim you are thinking wrong, i have not done anything wrong, your mother is mistaken?


Just when Niranjan was preparing to take the blame for the murder, Gangaa twists the story. Sagar has a heart attack trying to save Gangaa and Jalebiprasad from thugs. She keeps money in her little bag. Sagar, in his sick state forces Amma to say yes to keeping the puppy. That is what I am doing.

She runs towards the tourists but stops and cries. Gangaa manages to figure out what Sagar has planned for Pulkit.

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Niranjan tries his best to patch things up between Madhvi and Amma. Jhanvi somehow manages to dodge the bullet about the fake horoscope, but Gangaa still tries to find new ways to expose her. Rajbeer pushes her and leaves. Africa 8 hours ago.

Madhvi realises that even after all these years, Gangaa is still in love with Sagar. Sagar gets a reality check from Gangaa and she makes him remember what happened in the past. One women has veil on her face, she comes in restaurant and tries to find Dastan, she ask one man about Dastan, he says one khurasan dont tell about other Khurasan, the lady ask about Dastan, she says i am here to kill Dastan and nobody can stop me, man kills that women.

Riya comes there concerned. The girls take the cycle. Gangaa takes a drastic step just so she can see Sagar. Gangaa vows to expose Jhanvi infront of everyone.