I made a very big mistake. I am not lying. Go away from here. The girls return to school with the teachers. They cannot participate anymore. Principal Madam separates them. She sends everyone in their classes. Can I go to stage to get the trophy?

I dint cheat or lied to any of you. She suddenly notices Ganga. He is talking so rudely to her. He makes a call and says that he wants him to investigate the accident at his house personally. She resumes her practise. She refuses to do it.

Sudha looks a little shaken up. You only want a few white clothes. She looks on sadly and turns. Sagar comes to ask him Sir why he chose this particular song. RV asks who it was, the incharge says it was a girl who said she was near to her. I only want to say that you back down now then you will cheat with your school which is wrong.

Episode #1.136

Bulbul calls Ganga a cheater. Sagar falls for his words. She hides behind a cart and runs in the opposite direction when he walks past there. You are a maid! Maharaj ji shares that she looked worried too. She resumes her practise. He makes a call and says that he wants him to investigate the accident at his house personally. You kept asking for my song.


Ganga holds her hand. We wont participate in this contest now. Ganga asks them why they changed the song. She looks up but cannot see her Bappa there. See more of Gangaa on Adom Tv on Facebook. We widows have episodf only pray to God.

What proof you have? He is talking so rudely to her. Ganga runs out of the class. How did you forget that you are Ganga which makes her own way!

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Pishi Ma finds Sudha back in the Ashram. I forgot that we widows only get respect in the four walls of this ashram only.

Finally I found her! RV thinks it must be Nirupa, who was crying. Mehri tells her that Ganga left for some bangaa early in the morning itself. Your present life is finished.

He immediately calls someone and tells the person about Kanta. I wont do anything else for you. There is nothing to be sad about if they have chosen our song. I knew that she is not what she appears to be. I wont do anything else for you.

All the girls come there too. They were different initially right? The people outside eye us either with disrespect or with lust.

Ganga tells Sudha that she wont sit quietly and will neither let her stay quiet anymore. She sends everyone in their classes. Sudha reminds her of the difference between their lives. Ganga was hopeful Shiv would throw her out of the house today.


Someone stop Sudha Bua. Sudha walks out from there followed by Principal Madam and the girls. You think we will forgive you? We practised so much. I cannot do it yet everyone is blaming me. Are you mad to dance alone? The villagers call Shiv outside and shows him the condition of their kids.

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Go out of here then if you think we are a thief. Sudha signs on the papers. No intelligent woman eisode do it. Amma ji is there too. I dint do anything wrong but they are refusing to believe me. You chose it as our song is much better.

Chaya calls Ganga smart and a liar. Shankar has seen her though.