He appears here and there, as well in the theme song along with Milkshakes and Mr. From George Washington to George W. Like his father, he has the power to shapeshift and most of the time he appears in the form of a kid who rejected his offer of friendship when he first came to the surface. Keeper of the Reaper 13 Jan After sending the first three students to Gunderstank, he sends Billy and Mandy who threatens him should he touch her by saying she’s “in the mood for calamari” to Weaselthorp. Grim, Grimey, Grimuel, Mr.

She usually ends sentences with “baby”, as Irwin does with “yo” and his father with “dude”, which seems to be suggesting a family trait. Dracula’s appearance and mannerisms are patterned after the blaxploitation movies of the early 70’s, most notably Blacula. Billy has a wide curiosity which gets him into situations he often can’t get himself out of without Grim and Mandy coming to his rescue. Gladys has reddish-orange hair and is usually seen wearing a floor-length, lavender dress. He is depicted as being generally idiotic, infantile, and harmless; he dwells on subjects such as his recent defecation, small facts about himself, and spelling his own name aloud. It is revealed that she is 10 years old and is around Billy’s age.

Keeper of the Reaper 13 Jan 8. He first appears in “House of Pain”, declaring himself to be Grim’s servant, and attempts to kill the kids to free Grim, but ends up taking Mandy episodez his new master instead. He is immune to the effects of Horror’s Hand as he already lives his greatest fear everyday living with Billy and Mandy, but he stated he turned it off upon obtaining it, so there may be something he fears more.

Fredburger’s voice actor is C. It is suggested that while Billy is the most innocent character of the three, he ends up causing the most problems due to his irrational and often impulsive choice of actions. Unlike Mandy and Billy, who show frevburger signs of fear for the frightening, supernatural and magical beings and settings around them when using Grim’s magic to venture into the underworld Mandy because of her fearless, sinister and smart personality and Billy because of his ignoranceIrwin has displayed more signs of cowardice in such situations and seems to be more easily terrified than his friends when he accompanies them on such trips such as in Big Boogey Adventure and Keeper of the Reaper.

In the episode where the bus broke down in the desert, despite the flul heat, she had them dig while she sat in the shade of an umbrella and drank lemonade.

Pud’n shows a fear of toilets and became even more scared when discovered skeleton’s bones in one. Ironically, it is the same dimension to which he sent Billy, one filled with spiny plants and a creature similar to the plants.


Sperg is the local bullywho picks on Billy, Irwin, Pud’n, and other kids to no end. A minor character, Milkshakes is Billy’s endearing pink pet cat. Harold was much more intelligent in the first season but has grown in stupidity in recent seasons.

She wants Billy to grow up to be gred chiropractor, even though she knows that is very unlikely to happen. Once in a while he is seen scolding Irwin when he thinks Irwin did frevburger disrespectful or rude, but is fredburget often seen doing something nice with Irwin like going to a baseball game or on a picnic.

This is seen in one episode, where a possible main reason for wanting to win a local child beauty pageant appeared to be her desire to prove herself lovelier than Mandy who was a fellow contestant in the pageant. He seems to be more annoyed with Billy than Mandy, due to his idiocy and stupidity. Her mother is her only parent to make an appearance in the series. A spoof of Harry PotterNigel Planter is a boy with glasses and an “L”-shaped scar on his forehead it was later revealed to be nothing more than a pen mark.

It is revealed in the episode “Son of Nergal” that his true form resembled a hideous black octopus -like creature, which is rather blobbish in shape. She also possesses a strong lust for power as revealed in an episode providing insight to the future of the town of Endsville, in which Mandy has enslaved all of its citizens and evolved herself into a large, anthropomorphic being resembling a giant caterpillar a reference to the Dune book seriesand Grim’s abilities have helped her gain access to satisfaction of her desires.

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Mindy shares a rivalry with Mandy, whom she looks fuull upon and considers to be unattractive and inferior in comparison with her. Snuggles, even though Mandy is disgusted and annoyed with him, she does care about him. Edit Storyline Billy’s family is moving to another town, but when the question arises of whether or not Grim goes with Billy, Billy and Mandy decide to settle this in the courthouse!

However, he recovers his memory in the videogamebut later, he loses his memory again.

Spidermandy/Be A-Fred, Be Very A-Fred

Jeff the Spider voice Dee Bradley Baker This is explained by Bun-Bun during the flashback so as to torment Jeffery about his problems with his dad.

Full Cast and Crew. Mandy is Billy’s best friend, though she treats him more like a episodew than a friend. However, for those that do, this is one of the greatest episodes in the whole series, and an absolute joy to watch from start to finish. Now living in fear, Boogey has not been seen ever since. After John Vernon’s passing, Toadblatt’s voice fredburrger entire character design was entirely changed for the next cartoon. He would later appear in a different episode as the winner of a competition, being rewarded with a day spent with Grim that wound up ending poorly with Fred being cast into the arctic.


Search for ” Keeper of the Reaper episkdes on Amazon. In one episode Hector and Ghastly reteam with Skarr who agrees to help them, but goes totally bonkers when they destroy his garden and show no respect for it. This caused her ftedburger seriously doubt if she could withstand a change of heart and at the thought of just losing it, caused her to scream really loudly out loud.

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Mindy seems to be pampered by her unseen father, the benefactor who she credits with giving her expensive, high-quality presents and material gifts. In Mandy’s case, although they both share the same cold-hearted cynical and misanthropic fredburfer of humanity and apathy for the welfare of Billy and other characters, Grim tends to dislike her more than Billy due to her abusive, cruel and disrespectful actions towards him.

Voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz. She usually ends sentences with “baby”, as Irwin does epiwodes “yo” and his father with “dude”, which seems to be suggesting a family trait.

After winning a limbo game to save Billy’s pet hamster, the two gain the Grim Reaper voiced by Greg Eagles as their best friend for eternity, and come across a variety of supernatural or otherworldly characters and locations throughout the series. In similar style to Ren and Stimpy, this show really shines through when the humor kicks in at the right moment. Like Claire, he is very afraid of Mandy and she seems to have a mental control over him. Billy is terrified of clowns to the point of having recurring nightmares about them, although eventually, due to an encounter with his inner frat boy, his fear is transformed into a psychotic loathing and hate for them.

She doesn’t like to be challenged or insulted, and has a hatred of hip hop music. He is a red-headed, freckled boy with buck teeth and a hoodie. He is depicted as being generally idiotic, infantile, and harmless; he dwells on subjects such as his recent defecation, small facts about himself, and spelling his own name aloud.

Was this review helpful to you? In Keeper Of The Reaperhe did state in court that when Mandy was born, wolves came and tried to take her as their own, but he sometimes wonders if they were right to stop them.

Irwin is a pudgy, nerdy boy and a close friend of Billy’s.