Storage Limitations of Saved Result Files If the correct gauge and temperature were not entered into Setups prior to the test, you can enter them now Milliwatt phone number as described earlier. In this mode, it can take up to three hours for a completely discharged battery pack to charge. Enter text from picture: Refer to Table for setup parameters. Load Coils Test Results Figure shows that six load coils were detected, with feet to the first.

Operating the Tester in Edit Mode Figure shows an example of a VF Noise test results screen. Figure shows results from a Leakage Stress test that was conducted on a faulty pair: Read this section before you run any tests. Press H to move the cursor to the field and set the date. Unless otherwise indicated, follow this procedure to run a test in this group: CopperPro Flash Loader V0.

Press F or H to select the graph. Send VF Tone screen is displayed as shown in Figure To print the manual completely, please, download it. Distance between position of launch cursor and reflection cursor.

WB Impulse Noise acys. From this result 9990dsl, you can do the following: This key is located halfway down the keypad on the left side of the front panel see Fluks If you want to see the effect of a different pulse width or filter, you can do so at any time, with the continuous test automatically displaying the resulting waveform.


Each Auto-Test is comprised of a series of individual seriees tests that run automatically and in sequence with the press of a single key. Turns the CopperPro on or off. When making a TDR measurement, the CopperPro applies a balanced, high-frequency drive pulse to the test pair.

If the line is a ground-start line as opposed to loop-startconnect the G Ground test lead to the cable sheath or C.

Send VF Tone 2. Failing values are highlighted in flashing reverse-video format. Short To run additional tests directly from this screen, do the following: Then, press B View.

Fluke Networks 990DSL CopperPro Test Set

The update begins with the highest numbered block and works toward zero. Run the TDR Pair 1 test on the known good pair.

The following procedure shows you how to dial a Smart-Pro and run a Tone Slope test. If you want to edit the notes you made about the graph, select the graph, then press A.

To choose a Service Type, do the following: Parts, accessories, product repairs and services are warranted for 90 days, unless otherwise stated. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Good Wire Strap a As prompted, reconnect the leads to the good wire and connect the far-end strap.

Margin of safety between the Noise Margin received signal level and background channel noise. Press A Edit The tester is fluuke in Edit mode.


Fluke Networks DSL 2/2+ CopperPro Series II test set

To send a different PressG to move the cursor to the Section 1 field. The value XX represents the number of the block that is being transferred. Select the number that you want to delete. The Online Industrial Exhibition.

The CopperPro tester automatically controls the Terminator or Terminator Emulator over the test pair. Displaying the Main Menu menu is the top-level menu. More a If you chose thresholds in step 4 above, the only Predefined remaining Setup screen is the VF Test Selection screen, which enables you to either include or exclude the following tests: It does this rather than making traditional single-frequency Nyquist Loss measurements at the Upstream kHz and Downstream kHz frequencies, in order to more accurately estimate the achievable Upstream and Downstream data rates on the pair.

Don’t show me this message again. The TDR testing function can often help you locate loop faults with greater precision than the parametric fault location tests that are described Chapter 4.

Press H to move the cursor to the field and set the date. YYYY as the display mode.