I mean older ones, especially those that were in front line because I see evry day those people and consequences of war Also always was wondering what’s really happened to that great generation of Colombian NT, why they failed so bad in WC’94, this documentary aswered lot of question. Many international basketball fans will always ask the question: Are you a moron? One third of the Serbs in the Independent State of Croatia were to be forcibly converted to Catholicism. Originally Posted by Jack 1. But in a far bigger number. The main difference between Ustashi and Cetniks is ideology.

At the end of the film, I actually became quite emotional when Vlade leaves a photo of him and Petrovic celebrating as team mates. In late August , the Croat authorities established the first two camps of the Jasenovac complex — Krapje and Brocica. Nikola Jokic on Doncic: I’m not an othography teacher. Crotian flag that was taken by Vlade has been called nacionalistic flag serbian propaganda at its best 3. However, I was just thinking could you imagine if that team was combined with the Croatian team.

I see no reason for rational explanations.

Worse still, the guards cruelly tortured, terrorized, and murdered prisoners at will. Nonwithstanding overtures to Germany, Yugoslav policy was not anti-Semitic: He concludes by opining that “though not the absolute best film in the 30 for 30 series, Once Brothers might be the film that best petdovic the kind of personal, outside-the-mainstream storytelling that characterizes the series as a whole”.

I was also happy that Toni and Dino don’t bear any hard feelings. They should have included Vrankovic as well was it really his decision not to?

Also, one of my Croatian friends asked the question: Double standards are obvious. He almost seemed fearful while walking through Zagreb. The losses were heavy. So Kingdom of Yugoslavia wasn’t close to Nazi.

According to Mihailovic the reason was humanitarian: D Hehe i know, i was just kidding lol. I would be interested in hearing what Vrankovic has to say Jews from Syrmia were sent to Croatian camps, as were many Jews from other parts of Serbia. Under increasing pressure to yield to German demands for safe passage of its troops to Greece, Yugoslavia signed the Tripartite Pact with Germany and Italy, like Bulgaria and Hungary. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the flag that starts with a white field on the coat of arms the flag of NDH and ustase?


Tada je u knjigu dojmova zapisao: Are you a moron?

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Divac petrobic a really OK guy, sometimes maybe too emotional. Crvena Zvezda President calls out refs for the nw play vs. You made six mistakes in a single sentence.

Archived from the original on ESPN 30 For When two basketball artists spend five years in the national team as roommates, then it is quite logical that they become great friends. Makes Divac sound like the good guy in the story. It’s quite interesting that none of turkish forumers critized my blog on Cantekin, Levenspiel liked it.

News from back home probably didn’t help either. I hope you know of what I’m talking about. What an awesome documentary! And who killed them? In the remote mountain regions, embryonic resistance forces soon emerged.

Once Brothers – Wikipedia

Nemanja Bjelica on Serbia: But before the Germans could crush these nascent movements, their forces were redeployed from Yugoslavia to the east, in preparation for the now-imminent Operation Barbarossa. I’m not sure about the credibility of the portrayal of a relationship between two divwc in a sports team, especially when one of them is very much dead while the other one is very much alive. Serbia was occupied petrovjc Nazi Germany Does it mean Soviets were nazis?

For the Serbian team back then still named: According to the Simon Wiesenthal Center citing the Encyclopedia of the Holocaustcivac terrorists killedSerbs, expelledand forcedto convert to Catholicism. D, and always skiping my question, i asked you where did you come up srpsko, that that i hate my neighbours: For sample Dule Vujosevic always goes alone on coffe and to libry in Zagreb and people mostley say hi to him, Serbs that live in Croatia live normarl and don’t have problems I worked with the guy who was in frontline on Serbian side about half km from my house and he lives like evryone else herebesides some individuall incidents Everyone in here should watch it.


Arapović o dokumentarcu ‘Jednom braća’: 90% filma je čista laž

Croatia basically never had an official flag before creation of NDH, and the official flag of that genocidal, Hitler and Vatican’s puppet state was like this: These two camps were closed four months later.

Later he was injured and went back to his village and was later enrolled by Partisans. That wasn’t why they got driven apart — that was just the story for the newspapers.

We talk the same language with Luka and Bogdan. But overall situation is not that hard. Divac and his former Yugoslavian teammates express all of the obstacles that are in the way for a foreign-born player, including style of play, language and the lack of belief by others that they could actually cut it in the NBA”.

Of the number of Serbs who died, estimates tend to vary betweenandWhat most surprise me in this movie is that I got picture that Petrovic was one that arouse this saga, especially after the statements of his own mother.

The other three camps in the complex were: This whole thing is a jerk move by Vlade. But not just for Serbs, obviously. But in many case, whole families were killed, so there no survivors who can talk about them. However, I was just thinking vlde you imagine if that petfovic was combined with the Croatian team. Looking back on those times, that team was amazing: