Advanced users, if they wish, can also add a further layer of encryption to their submission using our public PGP key. According to the information received, on 15 July , Mr. One person was killed, and another four got various injuries in the blast of the motorbike. Allegations of arbitrary deprivation of liberty and ill-treatment of a 17 year old girl following the peaceful exercise of her rights to freedom of opinion and expression and assembly. Five cars were seriously damaged in the explosion. Modern Egypt is considered to be a regional and middle power, with significant cultural, political, and military influence in North Africa, the Middle East and the Muslim world.

No one was hurt and no group claimed responsibility for the blast. Se informa que el 30 de mayo, el Sr. According to the information received, in June , Mr Saeed Sedeghi was sentenced to death for his participation in the purchase and possession of kilograms of methamphetamine. Do not talk about your submission to others If you have any issues talk to WikiLeaks. According to the information received, Mr Ahmed Abdul Khaleq Ahmed Karim Al Baloushi, a stateless person of Emirati origin who resides in the United Arab Emirates, applied for Comorian citizenship on behalf of his family in early after being allegedly pressured by authorities to do so. Sajid Hossain, and Mr.

Alleged plot to kill human rights defender. Several protesters including leaders of the demonstrations have reportedly been arrested and some have been threatened with rape, while others have been subjected to violence. Alleged imposition of the death penalty in violation of due process safeguards. Police in the North are seeking a fourth man in connection with the discovery of a mortar noubous in Lurgan, Co Armagh, two weeks ago.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Omam Ghassemi-Shall was sentenced to death on the basis of evidence obtained under duress and without legal representation or assistance during the 18 months in pretrial detention.


The Jammu and Kashmir government dismissed 11 employees for their alleged links with terror outfits. Le 27 juinM. Abidine Ould Maatala, M. As Whoopi Goldberg put it in an interview with the paper, Im an actor — I can play anything. Boubpus communication on alleged imminent executions in violation of safeguards applicable to deprivation of liberty and to the imposition of capital punishment.

Tran Thi Thuy to plead guilty.

Mona Al-Gahoury and Messrs. When the qibla prayer direction was changed to face the Kaaba in Mecca, the mosque was re-oriented to the south. A security source said that Mr Rashid’s alleged contacts with the 7 July bombers were being investigated. The vast majority left the country, but some were deported.

Fromafter Medina surrendered to Ibn Sa’ud, the mosque was gradually expanded until when extensive renovations were carried out.

According to information received, over. Blair said it was time for all government departments to unite to win the war of ideas. On the following day, they attacked Cheikh el-Kebir’s adi.

Al-Masjid al-Nabawi

Movie Shaytan Al Gazira Mr Khyam and Shujah Mahmood deny possessing another substance for the purpose of terrorism. Boybous decapitated heads of the seven workers were delivered to two military outposts in Parang town on Jolo island, 1,km south of Manila, on Thursday. Mulla Abdul Razaq, calling himself a Taliban commander in the area, said they had kidnapped two policemen.

The medical record of Mr. Movie Lastou Qatilan A Washington cab driver and New York musician have also pleaded guilty and are awaiting sentencing. Police has registered a case and started investigation.

Al Qaeda has said it wants bkubous regain once-Muslim lands like Al-Andalus – the southern swathe of Spain now called Andalucia. Terrorism analysts said the murder resembles that of Lieutenant Colonel Mubarak al-Sawat, who was killed by terrorists in June Marwa el Tigany, Mr.


Tor is an encrypted anonymising network that makes it harder to intercept internet communications, or see where communications are coming from or going to.

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Alleged killing of filk rights defenders. Religious extremist and an active member of an international terrorist organization Riskul Kulbekov has been sentenced to 20 years in custody.

Gitar Al Hob Proshanto Karmaker of Prothom Alo, Mr. Fatma Al-Bousaeedi, journalists Messrs. Elena Tsyngalova and her two minor children were scheduled for deportation to Russia on Tuesday, 12 June. Police allegedly dispersed the assembly and detained the activist. In addition, police detained a woman for her involvement in the Cali bombing. Anderson de Souza was noubous protection measures by the National Protection Programme for human rights defenders in September in the wake of an attempt to kill him and his wife.

Authorities had reportedly scheduled the execution of Ms Maryam three times. According gilm the information received, the migrants were held captive by the traffickers and required to pay a large sum of money as a condition of release and journey to Israel.

But if you refuse to do so, you bear the burden of the transgression of all the Copts 2. The training would equip jihadis for Iraq, from which they would return to the Maghreb with operational experience.