They use him to do their dirty work. Share Post to Facebook Post to Twitter. You know Mustafa even better than I do. Their abi and yenge are also with them. Use the following code to embed this video. And they also may have got away with the previous incident with Rahmi. What if something happens to you?

We have tons of troubles lately. Share Post to Facebook Post to Twitter. I was in Taksim when Rahmi Abi called me. There won’t be signings. Can we find the way back to hotel? I mean, he’ll stay until Kerim gets well, right? Kerim’s father watching her, probably his men are following her. She’s in the hospital.

But we can’t keep him here for that.

The doctors are taking good care of him. I’m scared, I can’t help it! Can you at least keep him here until the end of legal detention period? It’s a wreck inside. He took a stroll with my boat that night. I don’t wucu to hear all this stuff.

I think I will get sick. She has just said “God damn them all”. Let’s see what’s his story this time.


But why can’t we just whisk them all together and store them in the fridge? But we can’t keep him here for that. What did he do? You know what I remembered. No, not now, not now, we still have a dance and having fun to do. Sure, I’ll move into your place then When Kerim englisu well, Subtites want a big celebration with music and dance and all. Use the following code to embed this video. There is no need to showcase anything to Meltem You were with the boys all morning.

While we’re making plans for tomorrow That jerk, whoever he is, had enough time to search the house. Let’s pray that there’s no traffic at the seaside. Want me to talk to your doctor?

Fatmagulun Su├žu Ne Episode 60 (English Subtiles) with subtitles | Amara

Will he get away with this as well? I’m only trying to say, Meltem believe everything Mustafa says. She doesn’t like change much. She can’t say farmagulun sure. What are you doing here, uncle? Do you still hoping that, Fatmagul will come back yo you one day. Will Mustafa look after you? Is this how they thank us? It’ll help us reduce our expenses, in case we can’t sell the dairy farm soon.


Not just this morning. This boy is a good friend’s son.

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He must go to his school or wherever the hell as soon as he can. It won’t be nice for us when she runs out of money and starts speaking. I’m sure he’s resting his head in one of his lady’s friend’s company. We did everything that’s necessary.