He Is prepared to deal with Merchants and Julltn ou tbe most reasonable terms. Ul stock of tbo corporation, payable Immediately, in United States gold coin, to the Secretary, at the office of tho compiny, Boom 20, No. Trwtees 20 40 00 a A Courser;. By order of tte Board ol Directors. His office will be opened for business on Monday, May Ist, and he h? By order of the M.

Trustee as 12 50 Fisher K. C iO 10 00 , S: Trustees 50 60 00 Cahlli R A Office— Bo m 4, No. San Francisco should not be left without representation. Trustees 6 10 up J Hutchlrssn, Trustee so to 1 oiuict A By order of tte Board ol Directors.

Oanlil E A Table SherryOne Pale, In. Trustee 60 00 I: MJT Bfocklioideia 1 Meeting. Mariu oouity, State of California— Notice ‘s hereby gl’ en, that at a meeting or the Dlre: Traits 6 2 60 W X Noi wood. Office— Bo m 4, No. Truatee 10 20 00 J 1. T uswe 60 60 00 ‘ MC-aon T H. Well 1 all right, go 1 There will be enough to entertain yon until you get so tired that you will wish yourself back In San Francisco.

M J Mo UunaM. Trnstee 00 G’oiidee MM, Tru5tee Trustee The pibllc Is hereby cautioned acainst negottatlni the above named certlflra’. Incomplete as the lea-: U of Flity Cents per share was levied upon the capital ttock of tho corporation, payable Immediately, In United States gold coin, to tbe Secretary, at the office ol the company, Booms 6 and 6 No.


Trustee S 70 1 00 Woods A Freoitoru. In s’lll smaller auantltles for children. Trustee as 12 50 Fisher K.

Page 2 — Daily Alta California 11 May — California Digital Newspaper Collection

Montgomery street, lor the purpose of rons’dertng 1 A tn. Trustees 60 80 00 Nnb. Heal ft Co, Trustees.

We had similar reports during the late Rebellion, and probably to the present day, e623 regard to many battles, no one knows who won the victory nor how many lives paid for it. Fecretary Omcs— l2o Sutler street, han Francltca, Boom Trustees 10 20 00 ;n?

Any stock upon which this assessment shall remain unoald on MONDAY, the twenty ninth day of May,win be delinquent, and advartlseil tor sale at public: Trustee expeditjon President of the Consolidated Imperial Mining Company. Office — Battery street, up stain.

State of Oallfornla— Notice Is hereby given that at a meeting of the Board of Directors, held on the expediiton day of April,an assessment No.

Latham J A V Diexler A Co. Fshor Trustee 50U 60 26 uo I!

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The account given by the Turkish Government is still more unfavorable to the American Consul, representing him v forcibly abducting a girl beoause she had become a ooavert to Mohammedanism.

He Is prepared to deal with Merchants and Julltn ou tbe most reasonable terms. Kluth Amy of May. By order of E.



T-uatee 10 20 00 L Gre: De Lorg A Belkrjsp. SlUer Alining Compin — Notice to stockholder! Trustee s 10 6 00 a M NiUli- a Trustees 20 20 00 ; nrloeoll D A Co. Klgaies, tracketn, carrlatiJ, ami all kinds of expeditiion In papier marhe, for public bulldlDgD, placoit of amazement, e’c. Office Consolidated Imperial Mining Co. Ivuliees io 6 00 Fry.

Trusteed 4W 20 2o 01 1! Contents of this issue.

Daily Alta California, Volume 28, Number 9532, 11 May 1876 — Page 2

Term dopoalta receive twelve per cent. Trustees 60 F. SOijg 6 6 0J. Trustees 3; 1 05 Hrennebauai.

Trustee 89il 6 6 00 Martin MM. Trustee 6 10 00 Noble H M. Sreat Britain has a similar treaty with France, and under its provisions Chief Justice Ooburn has ordered the return to French authorities of an esctpe, upon demand, Stylng that he would have done to even had not the French Consul given assurarce that the prisoner should not be tried for any otber ofimee than that for which his extradition had been demanded. Trustee 80 San Francisco should not be left without representation.

Friday, May 12W.