Collection by Scatter0Shot reviews a collection of short stories featuring Gon and Hisoka having atleast one hardcore story. Parallel Universe by ladyjane reviews What could have happened if things had been different? Will they work together to find a way home and assist Shepard against the Collector threat? Pepper disappears, and they find her at a warehouse, and find out Tony’s there too. Et Thor adoooore le soulager. M – French – Romance – Chapters: Thor will have to help him up!

Coz he knows Merlin well and he is the one Merlin can trust. Mpreg and slash and omegaverse, obviously. C’est juste le lot d’un jotun dans sa situation. One Crowded Hour by smaragdbird reviews Bruce is used to waking up having no idea where he is, buck naked. Tv Shows – Rated: If you read, please leave a review! Avengers On Standby by Kurtoise reviews After preventing Loki’s invasion, the Avengers return to their normal routines.

Especially with a corporate demon who doesn’t pwche how to keep his hands and feet to himself. M – French – Chapters: Une douloureuse trahison by slave in mind reviews Spoiler: After they’re both safe and sound, the celebration begins. You expect me to fight for your freedom after what you have done?

Steve, Bucky and Tony have been sleeping together for several months now. His ways catch up to him, however, when Pepper calls in Steve and Bruce for help. Continuation of Everything We’ve Left Behind. Working up to the good stuff. Adventures, love, pain, everything starts to happen as this new family begins.


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Thor ne peut qu’avoir tord. Ce que peu savent, en revanche, c’est que les Hobbits sont les enfants de Yavanna. Hush Now by phoenixreal reviews Pepper, worried over Tony’s reclusiveness, decides to see if housing the Avengers might help. Pas toute de suite, en tout cas. Tuer le Docteur, le soumettre ou explorer ses sentiments contradictoires? Recueil d’OS slash, beware! Just Beyond the Reach by Aate reviews Thorin wishes to protect Bilbo, but Bilbo can take care of himself just fine, thank you very much.

Mais par qui et pourquoi donc? Bonne lecture et amusez vous bien!

A Break by MinamiHakari reviews Titans didn’t take breaks and neither did they. He finally thinks he can’t deal with anymore setbacks and buys himself a gun.

Puis il y eu Tony et un Dieu silencieux. Just tell me a bedtime story Wade.

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Meme le gentil Steve Rogers en subit les contre coups. Thorki, M rated for graphic sexual content, mostly in the last chapter. Il s’est convaincu que c’est pour le mieux. Alors fan de Kaamelott comme moi: Logan mental health issues, Clint! La fin est proche, les avengers vont surpasser leurs limites pour sauver le monde.


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The poor knight of the lake looked almost frightened as Gawain all but collapsed in his arms, snuggling closer. Il se sent seul mais va rencontrer Loki et devenir son ami, puis se demander qui choisir entre Avengers et son vieil ennemi. Prophesies Episore by Unnamed. They are forced to camp for the night.

Et parfois, la destruction qu’on programmait se retourne contre nous. They do have some really funny ones on there. There is sexual content in this story so please don’t be surprised. Rating M Avengers – Rated: Charley had always thought his hometown was small until he’d had to run through it without stopping. Hisoka offered to tell him the secret of being strong.

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A kiss with a fist is better than none! Deathless by Silver pup reviews One-shot — They called him Durin the Deathless because he was reborn time and time again into his own line.

Thor decides Loki’s incarceration within Asgard isn’t enough of a punishment for the trickster eprceval dastardly crimes.