I have to say, at least I finally care for most of the characters, but the production really leaves a lot to be wished for But one day, the drawing that Kum Sung drew made him angry. Because of her talent , many other opponent want to take her as their people. So I have thought, can’t let you so easily have. Please watch it and you will know the ending Shi Kyung widow August 22, at 5: Our country does not have the good luck.

Even if ask that girl about the future, as long as she doesn’t speak the truth, it’s useless. Anyways, I just hope they also focus some parts of the episodes so that we as viewers can understand why they are like that. Is your heart made of stone? Are you in love with the bodyguard? You have to say it, “Araaaaaaaaaannng!!! He asks her to remove her hand. That’s right, if I find the numbers and coordinates that’s recorded in that diary, then I can find the way to get back. Mistake again by the Korean director?

If you had watched Gentleman’s Diginity, one of the startings show how immensely popular that drama was. She’s showing him familial care, beyond the distinction between a warrior and his lord, just like Gongmin has been trying to do all this time. While I agree the show could be more epic and the directing leaves much to be desired, I am thoroughly enjoying the characters and their shifting relationships with each other. CY’s comment to the king, and then the doctor dude’s comment about CY faigh not wanting to come back seems to make it fit.

Actually the place I live is not heaven.

The Great Doctor

Ivoire August 22, at 6: For me, the characters are the draw. He trembles in shock.


I say white-haired person, no matter how I look at you, I’m not happy. When the happy ending came, I was ecstatic!!! No they are not!

Lord Deok Song government House is a very scary person. Choi Young looks up in alarm. Monday and Tuesday 9.

신의 Faith (Korean Drama)

Doc god, what exactly are you saying? This is actually the 1st drama that i watch that happen during Goryeo. I do really wish this were a longer arc within the story, and I think this is the downside of this show being everything but the kitchen sink. It has healed very fast.

The so romantic moments, it halts my breathing,lol! Didn’t I say before? Give Choi Young money and he wouldn’t even know how to spend it. Gong Min and No Gook doctro Korean’s Goryeo history are a well known royal couple and they even had kids. Eun-soo passes by in the hallway and stops to listen. This is a time piece that is worn on the wrist and so small. For some reason I’m kit rooting with theron lead but the second lead the king and queen I like to know their live story and how it will blossom because of they will pattern it with history Gongmun fxith Noguk are in love her death even drove Gongmin to depression I hope they are not ganna mess up with that Third, royal dpisode Choi Young.

Took me few weeks.

신의 Faith (Korean Drama) – Che-Cheh

And I want them to explore the back story with his mother. The people with dots here, investigate where they are. Your deductions of the “girlfriend” and the Queen were totally mine first. What are you doing? I hope Eun Soo can become a true doctor in the Goryeo period. I think so too, that it was the King she saw 8 years ago.


The Revolutioner: Faith Ep 10 The Great Doctor (Eng Subs/Translation) Lee Min Ho Korean Drama

He says no and refrains from answering any further, saying that he knows nothing of politics as a warrior. I think daith too. But one day, the drawing that Kum Sung drew made him angry. And, try your best to avoid fighting. My reigning career, even if flow a little fresh blood in taking a shortcut, or cleanly walk a straight and righteous path, today here, I want to see you guys to decide.

The doc god from heaven. After you have calmed down, I will visit again. Lol thank you for the recap.

Hi Aye, wow watched thrice in 3 days? But Choi Min Soo I could tell that she meant a lot to him, by the way he reacted to the king’s behavior and by how affectionate he was epiaode her, but I still didn’t think that there were romantic feelings between them. I was thinking that too, watching episods rehearsing her smile Eun Soo: I love this show: That side doesn’t hurt as much.

Indeed that’s what they call me. But I think the one she loved – possibly even still loves – is the King. And Choi comes out twice in RM, just an fyi: What would we do without them?

Of course, he’ll be afraid. Ummm i dunno know about that.

Do you know how much effort his Majesty put in to rescue you from that place?