Also, i’m guessing that this will be a way for them to get back to the King I don’t care what some people have said. Anyways, I just hope they also focus some parts of the episodes so that we as viewers can understand why they are like that. Korean Drama – 20 Episodes Stalled: And that scene with the old king being a creep, definitely sent chills down my spine. Jellybeaniebaby September 27, at 4: Hi from Malaysia and thank you.

Will you still watch this show if the two leading actor and actress are not acting in it? You have to say it, “Araaaaaaaaaannng!!! We all know Eun Soo is the great doctor and she really did heal and shape Choi Young into the great warrior that we come to know today. Is your heart made of stone? Why doesn’t young go and procure it for her?! Thanks for the recap! I re-watched some scenes and I think it is definitely the same actress. Despite Faith being my favorite drama, it has some flaws too.

Emmy August 23, at 2: The school teaches its students virtues including honesty, faith, sacrifice and communication. She’s so quirky and out of place that it just works. I mean, seriously, with all the plot twists, anything can happen.

Another remarkable thing about Faith is that all those sweet doctro were played out so well. Two twins end up switching places and then the rich one dies and Dae-san has to continue to pretend to be his brother without letting anyone know. And the expression of the king – priceless! But on acting, I have to give it to NG, hands down. Let me know what you think. The sister asks if Young is still working for the king and Young replies yes. OmG,her character actually annoys me. Maybe the Doc and CY will be tipped off and get the freat out of there before he finds them.

You geat gave yourself away.

Also how can we forget the way they gossips about their daejang and Eun Soo? No romance in has come close to it as far as writing, cast, music, directing, cinematography, special effects. Not even Gasiktal and Shunji has managed to seduce me like Faith has. Eun-soo finishes taking the stitches out and says that the wound healed well and looks at Young. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: While delivering dry cleaning to a student at the prestigious Shin Hwa High School, she saves his life by stopping faihh attempt at jumping off the roof and is given a full swimming scholarship.


I think if there must be a love story, it will still be between Eun soo and Choi Young. Did you just stare at her face?

Stars actor Kazuya Kamenashi. And operatic is right, Eun-soo has some kinda of music power too, I just don’t know what it does exactly, maybe it’s a shield, like Jang Bin’s fan.

Jo Il-shin starts to ask if Gongmin will continue to harbor a monster like Young so Gongmin grabs him by the neck and orders Il-shin to never call Young that again. So if he wants to share a bed, he has to go to their rooms. Even when I want to bash its head in sometimes. Tell you what, I love saguek drama that add real Korean history element into the story.

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He wonders if Choi Young even has plans to come back…. That made me so sad, I was almost crying. Eun-soo tells Young that in heaven, there is song about him. D The only great thing so far are the animations – we need more of those!

Watching 7 item list by Noora 3 votes. I have always wanted to see a first lead girl tell a manipulative second lead girl, “Oh, just shut up! Maybe it’s unlikely, dotor I think that Eun-soo is the reincarnation of And the way Young let himself touch her shadow as she talked about all of this being something that would disappear at daylight?


The Great Doctor

And you could see is shatter in their brief meeting with the not at all noble king. He acts silly but has a really kind heart. Their love story spans centuries but also warring beliefs.

Their leader least of all, who remains stoic until the girls epdram out of his way.

신의 Faith (Korean Drama) – Che-Cheh

The reasons for this continual addiction of Faith is because the characters portrayed by the actors are so real and lively. He may not be the best grea out there but he sure got charisma and presence.

I agree that the PD needs to allow us more space around the OTP moments together, which are so beautifully done. The king asks again, if they think they can ignore a royal order. Love on a Rooftop. I would love to see what would become of Wu Dal Chi. I’m in the minority here, but I don’t think the Princess has a crush on Choi Young–at least not yet.

Who says that a foctor who knows the future cannot alter the history books? My heart melted and sometimes I taith to pause and replay the scene.

The Revolutioner: Faith Ep 14 Raw/Eng Subs Lee Min Ho Korean Drama

Hi Aye, wow watched thrice in 3 days? What if there was no licking? And daith reassuring pats her gave her as they hugged, that was more for him as well. He throws his arm around her and says giddily that the king must have called them here to reward them.

How long has he been there? Choong-suk rushes over to Young to tell him about the interrogation, but Young stops him.