Armani immediately brought an image of decorum and intelligence to this new social and individual passage. He was very attracted to girls, for example, and he was always out. Visconti’s film was the opposite. It was also when the world of fashion was beginning to know my work. I love the way she dresses. He selects things as though wanting to avoid and deflect attention, entrusting himself to a secret, silent acceptability in which sweetness and softness are the true protagonists of his seduction, which interweaves the virile and the feminine. I imagine you were very aware, as a young man, of your family’s struggles. She always made us feel comfortable with ourselves.

In my mind it’s like a uniform. Armani began by destructuring the jacket, unhinging the system of rules and constants upholding its design; he changed proportions, exploited defects, and overturned rules in such a way that regularity and symmetry, essentiality and complexity, softness and rigidity, opacity and transparency, all became mutually integrated to create a sensual, natural style. What did they do and what were they like? Audible Download Audio Books. Having been educated In a cultural epoch dominated by impersonal apparel- particular the uniforms of the large manufacturers Facis and Lebole. I love these neutral tones. When the time came, I tried to be independent, to help the family in some way and not be a cause for concern. Maybe because fabric was my introduction to fashion.

You don’t call that leading an idle life, do you?

It offers the freedom to move, through a change of style, from a local condition to an international one that coincides with globalization and the universalization of the dg ideal that leads everyone worldwide to aspire to a comfortable, privileged, and elegant, but adventurous life. Rather, he repeats gestures and behaviors he assumes will please others and lead to triumphs.


We value dressing up. Sexual and social roles were blurred; the visible and the invisible, the naked and the clothed blended into one another. First impressions are decisive. As a child, Armani discovered the power of the image, appearance, and the preeminence of perception.

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His passion perhaps even obsession for simplicity in all forms of dressing has repeatedly been embraced by an industry every time it needs to find its way back to reality. Giorgio Armani with Lauren Hutton in Pantelleria. Dylan Dog Alessandro Haber Is this based on a comic book? She wears anonymous shirts and trousers, and she has an important face.

Cutting the bottom threads that bind inner to outer layer, Armani abruptly throws down the scissors and.

Were there photographs that you saw that reinforced your vision, like the famous photographs of Picasso in his striped T-shirts?

He fills a void and his essence is a self-offering as a body-object passing over or through compleyo body without changing its own physical or expressive state. It was the s, so my hair was long. Armani’s fashion immediately moved out of the Milan ghetto, away from Italian concerns, and spread beyond, to Comleto and, above all.

I knew nothing about the cinema, but I realized this film represented something very new.

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Dressing up is less about fur and pinstripes and more about the “Jackie 0” black T-shirt and white chinos. For a young designer, to have a company behind you that is producing your work makes things much easier. A film that left me very emotional was Ossessione [] by Luchino Visconti. Age of Ultron Avengers: I realized that at Cerruti the chances for me to grow creatively were small. Armani was doing violence to. On the contrary, he fights for a living culture of fashion, which must not be simply a surface, but a focal point of emotional, spiritual, physical, and erotic energies.


Giorgio Armani with his mother in Rimini I wanted a fashion that was for everybody.

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It displays and commands. Wearing it was a radical departure from everything that was— even though the phrase didn’t exist then— politically correct and sartorially correct. Giorgio Armani at a runway show, ca.

Big Deal on Madonna Street And I realized women did not have a way of dressing that was easy, modern, somewhat close to men’s style. He does not costume compleeto.

Matsumoto Incorporated, New York Two different covers have been created for this catalogue. As these are the kind of individuals who wear old jackets, old pullovers, and like them when they are used and not when they are new, they felt a certain affinity to my fashion, and I felt one to them.

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IS- What were you like as a boy. Armani’s minimalism is a stripping down, in which the body — which is always nude — becomes a medium of communication.

GA- I remember a family trip, possibly the only one. It was media fashion.