Guude continued displaying server chat logs on guudelp. Some members, including Millbee [25] and W92Baj , [26] have expressed their dislike of UHC mode, while others have said that they enjoy it because it makes the game tougher, including Zisteau , [27] AnderZEL and Guude. Rebuilding the arena roof Talking about the B-Team casino and one-upping others on the server Flooding the arena and playing with boats. Hay doc what happened to bsg: JL was later removed from the whitelist. It comes from Beef saying he hit the Dragon in her vagina and Nebris noting that is how the Dragon drops her egg. Talking about plans for Gamescon Building a central storage room for his treehouse Making a hanging bridge to the storage area. Go check the links below!

The egg was taken at an unknown time by BlameTC and hidden in the Dothraki Camp, and during a recent livestream, he revealed that it was stolen by an unknown character. See Killing the Enderdragon. The first Mindcrack multiplayer map was founded by Guude and his real life friend madcow21 , with the first video was released on 8 December Working on a pagoda style roof Talking about sights to see in Paris. Just wondering when the next episode will be out. Videos from the tour were released June 26, The event was held on Friday, 5 July , five days after the Season 4 world was created. Exploring a mineshaft Discussing changes in the 1.

Zombie Lag Fix – Episode 12 – Season 4″. From the unofficial fan-run MindCrack and HermitCraft wiki.

Slaying of the Ender Dragon – The Unofficial Fan-Run MindCrack and HermitCraft Wiki

The fortress was found by mcgamer in November while he was caving and exploring, [7] and the Enderman farm was built by Docm77 and Etho the next day, while the Dragon was still alive. Finding 223 best horse may take too long, but it would be a great addition to the friendly mob farm.


His cave base and ssason system The cow, flower and reed farms and the trading system His jungle base and mob system The Wither spawning pads The pet shop and ice tray in the Spawn village The Nether hub expansions The double blaze farm The trivia game at Guudeland. Retrieved from ” http: Docm77’s witch hut is a witch hut located on the Season 4 map.

Boatless Wither Void Cage! – The Minecraft World Tour – S4E031 | Docm77

Naming a zombie pigman “Zisteau” and visiting Sparkles the charged creeper. Beacon beam to nether tower?

From the unofficial fan-run MindCrack and HermitCraft wiki. Witch Farm Are We Making? Executing the prank Not in playlist. You know the one you and slip have at your respective bases on hermitcraft? Exploring a mineshaft Farming obsidian and making a nether portal Sports stories. In Septemberthe server updated to snapshot version 12w38b.

Riding a horse into the desert to explore and finding a desert temple. Navigation menu Personal tools Docn77 account Log in. From the unofficial fan-run MindCrack and HermitCraft wiki.

Go check the links below! Talking about livestreaming, video comments, Dear Doc Boat diving into the arena and walking through Spawn. Collecting wool at Zisteau’s’ and enchanting at the Ender Ender Continuing work on the storage room. Retrieved from ” http: Working on the storage room Talking about MineCon Talking about drinking and telling a story about getting drunk. Like if you’re on top of a beacon and look a certain way, mindcrwck beam disappears.

After two weeks, development was to begin on four themed towns, one in each corner of the map. Leafing and Gamescom “. Hey doc, try a small slime elevator, they’re relatively fast and reliable if you use a minecart. Could you “ping” the wither with suffocation damage from the wood? Wither Boss Battle Special”. Lego Minecraft Survival 43 Titan Pictures 2 years ago.


It is located in the folder DIM1-backup. Minecraft Survival – Ep. Replanting the wheat farm with carrots Trying to cure zombie villagers. This page was last modified on 16 Decemberat I think it would help others mmindcrack are also interested in the wither cages.

The event began with a ‘Last Man Standing’ game between the Mindcrackers. This page has been mindcdack 3, times. Working on the nether tunnel, glitching to the ceiling of the nether Checking out the blaze spawner.

Traveling to and exploring Guude’s place Not in playlist. Much love, no Hate! The Mindcrack Serverpreviously MindCrack Dpcm77[a] is the whitelistedunmodified Minecraft multiplayer server that the Mindcrack members play on.

See Beginning of Season 4. In this game, they each pillared up 32 blocks above the ground and tried to stay on their pillar longer than the others while using snowballs to fend off the Dragon. TV Program ipad gambling Slot Machine Video Game Subject las vegas Fireworks feuerwerk volcano diamond minecraft srason mindcrack mindcrack server minecraft mod video games world tour tutorial gaming mini-game redstone Minecraft Server Minecraft Xbox unboxing docm77 docm doc m dockm dock m Problem Gambling Disease Or Medical Condition.