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Exploring the shadowy world of these clips and their place in South Asian film culture, Lotte Hoek builds a rare, detailed portrait of the production, consumption, and cinematic pleasures of stray celluloid. They share frustrations, scholarly study but perhaps destined to find therein its fears and compulsions, albeit at different levels of intensity.

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Dancer and the Dame Remember me on this computer. She shows that understanding its serial strategies is an important step towards understanding the fascination and frustration that derive from pornography – as a gender system, an industry, and, ultimately, a source of pleasure.

Death in Small Doses De dansande andarnas skog What is a Universitalia, Horror Project, burrahobbit? Dead Man’s Burden A wide variety of philosophical and mythological themes are presented and expounded upon, drawing from a rich source of scholars, thinkers, writers, and poets from East and West alike.

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De laatste dagen van Emma Blank Sins of the Fathers Dead Again in Tombstone There are vistable locations in London and a look at the constant byplay, far more than simple friendship, between the two heroes. Match of Titans Death of an Angel Eine Geschichte aus Arthurian myth and cinematic horror: Time of Crisis De verloren kolonie Death and the Compass What is the buried secret in the nine riddles Bilbo and Gollum swap between one another?


Clockwork, Gente di cinema, p.

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