A philandering billionaire playboy who moonlights as the superhero, Awesome X, faces against his greatest adversary, Killface, but finds balancing his business and superhero lives difficult. Nathan, however, can’t shake the feeling that something is wrong with the record Eventually Toki makes a mistake at the end of the duel, and while the band says he can’t join, Skwisgaar says, “Nobodys ever made me plays this wells”, and invites Toki to join Dethklok “The Duel”. Share this Rating Title: Will the record executives forgive them for the past year of mistakes? She sends them on a pre-writing vacation that turns out to be a brutal trip to a third world country where they’re mistaken as women and captured as sex slaves. Dethklok is notified of a looming secret that’s been around for hundreds of years:

The bizarre animated escapades of pseudo-heroic scientist Dr. Toki Wartooth is fed up playing in the shadow of Skwisgaar’s lead guitar. The Doomstar Requiem Dan Deacon: Dethklok must write the world’s first Death Metal Lullaby to put the demonic beast back to sleep. After a near-death experience, Dethklok realizes they would rather be sick and not know then face the brutality of going to a doctor. Dethklok is finally lured back into the outside world with their protective “pelvic-thrust mace belts” to be a part of the world’s largest public execution of criminals in recorded history. Retrieved October 24,

Why has no one ever said this, online?

But as the evidence of her past piles up, to prove her innocence, he follows her to the most brutal place on earth: Retrieved May 12, Search for ” Metalocalypse: The crossbow-wielding star tackles some what-ifs that would change everything we know about ” The Walking Dead.

This is shown to be the day when Toki first auditioned to be in Dethklok. Share this page Facebook Twitter.

Metalocalypse: The Doomstar Requiem – A Klok Opera

As Dethklok hosts the most important dinner of their career, the divvying of album credits, over tagging on social networking sites, and fights over a girl come to head. General Crozier voice George Fisher Find out in this one-hour heavy metal rock opera special with a completely original score. Dark comedy Drama Musical. Rusty Venture, his competent, high strung bodyguard, and his two over-enthusiastic sons. In this first season finale, the Metalocalypse creeps closer to fulfillment when Dethklok executes their most brutal performance to date, and the Tribunal finally makes their move.


Before they can contemplate what this means, however, Nathan must give a eulogy and do the most brutal thing he has ever done: While the world awaits the final Dethklok performance, members of the band prepare for their post-Dethklok careers.

Jon Benjamin, Melissa Bardin Galsky. The rest of the band grab Murderface and flee the club. Since Dethklok’s withdrawal from the public following the purported Dethwater Live “fan attack”, the world economy teeters on the brink of disaster.

Metalocalypse: The Doomstar Requiem – A Klok Opera (TV Movie ) – IMDb

Despite his bandmates’ warnings, Nathan begins seriously dating one of his fans. Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Metalocalypse: Skwisgaar shows the band an old flyer for the rehearsal space where they auditioned Toki, and they head there to find him “The Depths of Humanity”.

In an attempt to make their next album the most brutal ever, Dethklok commissions a Russian nuclear submarine to record deep in the Nordic waters. Use the HTML below. Anime Talk Show Robot Chicken: In an effort to make friends, Toki goes to Rockaroonie Fantasy Camp – a weekend getaway to rub elbows with rock and roll royalty but he attends as a camper. Dethklok has an end of the quarter employee evaluation to find out who’s been embezzling from the company.

Klokikon – the annual Dethklok fan convention filled with cosplay geeks and homosexual fan art. Take New York City, add every horrifying beast, science-fiction freak, and fantasy faerie, shake thoroughly, and you’ve got Ugly Americans.

While Toki and Abigail remain in the clutches of Magnus Hammersmith and the Metal Masked Assassin, the remaining members of Dethklok carry on with their lives while pretending not to care. The band regresses to an animal mindset. Pickles uses this time at home to reconnect with his disapproving mother who tells him that she requuem respect him until he gets a real job.

They want their fifth of movoe and decide to hire an efficiency expert to tighten up matters at Mordhaus and maximize their weekly allowance. Under the tutelage of a crusty old guitar master, Toki learns that the heart, too, has strings. The bad news is that Dethklok is now faced with the daunting task of cooking dinner themselves. Rockzo, the Rock n Roll Clown, gets help from Dethklk to overcome his cocaine addition and come c-c-c-clean!



I suppose the series was canceled and they made this just to avoid leaving the story unfinished, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome. Retrieved from ” https: After four excellent seasons, fifth season consists of just one, final episode, which rounds and closes the series. On October 29,the score for the special was released on a full-length studio album by Dethklok. Aqua Teen Hunger Force — The Revengencers make their next move.

Pickles decides to hang up his drumsticks and goes into an even more brutal profession: General Crozier singing voice George Fisher The Musical Robot Chicken: He stabs himself in the heart, taking his own life as recompense for his sins against his former bandmates “Morte Lumina”. It then cuts to Magnus Hammersmith and the Metal Masked Assassin holding Toki Wartooth and Abigail Remeltindrinc prisoner, keeping them both just barely alive in order to lure the remaining members of Dethklok into their trap “Magnus and the Assassin”.

Nathan Explosion voice Raya Yarbrough Edit Storyline While Toki and Abigail remain in the clutches of Magnus Hammersmith and the Metal Masked Assassin, the remaining members of Dethklok carry on with their lives while pretending not to care.

Magnus sees the error of his ways and realises he is the villain. Nathan realizes he would risk his life for any member of Dethklok, and the four resolve to complete their mission “The Crossroads”. Full Cast and Crew. Use the HTML below.

It was speculated that the special would conclude the Metalocalypse series, as creator Brendon Small had stated in the past that his intention would be to do the fourth season and a movie and then end the show. The physical comedy routine they work out really kills.