Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series. Complete Coverage of the 91st Academy Awards 2. Gael is killed soon after being exposed to the virus and Michelle has to deal with the threat at the hotel, as well as the unruly guests who soon discover the deadly truth. Best Actor in a Drama Series. They are attacked by the Delta forces and Ramon and Myers escape. The third to last episode showed F18 fighters destroying a helicopter from the air.

Jack apparently convinces Myers that he has left the government behind and is after money only. Green Book Wins Best Picture. Into The Blue 3. Jack and Ramon get in a helicopter. Edmunds forces Ramon’s mercenary to tell him on the radio that he hasn’t found anything. Almeida tells them that it was a technical mistake. Singer escapes and his parents try to get rid of the pack; but CTU agents storm in and quarantine the house to detect the virus. Meanwhile, David arranges a meeting with Sherry in order to pull her out.

Almeida orders the plane to return, but Jack forces the pilot to continue. David gathers the reporters and encourages them to tell the people to stay home. Retrieved Crewcrat 2, Dessler’s test is negative and she leaves the hotel. Almeida plays a video recorded by Jack earlier. Jack secretly calls CTU and reports the location. Stephen demands Almeida give him a safe passage out of the building.

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Meanwhile, Anne gets a call from Ted, who claims to have crewcfaft proving her innocence, apparently having had a change of heart. Amador meets with his accomplice Marcus Alvers, who later plants some of the virus in a hotel ventilation system. Jack and Ramon attack two counter riot guards and wear their uniforms. Hector reveals to Ramon episodf he intends to kill Jack after achieving the virus. Edmunds finds Rabens and engages him before being overpowered.


Meanwhile, Edmunds’ team storms in the man’s house and finds him gone. The Hazmat team examines Singer for infection.

Jack is revealed to be addicted to heroinbut is trying to quit. She arranges a meeting with Julia.

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David arrives and Alan reveals that Wayne was previously involved with Julia, Alan’s wife. Keeler arranges to visit David. Singer’s father questions him about his money and finds the drug pack he is keeping. Edmunds finds a former associate of the Salazars and forces him to find Hector’s residence in Mexico. The research was apparently fabricated. The third season is set 3 years after season two.

Meanwhile, Keeler begins to lose popularity after he humiliated David for leaving the debate with a national security excuse, and the threat turning out to be real.

Jack and Edmunds head there, capture Amador and start interrogating him. E;isode sends a team to check it. David withdraws with the reason of national security, and Keeler claims that to be just an excuse.

The district attorney doesn’t agree with Ramon’s pardon because Ramon killed his family. The virus is brought to Amador.

Season 1 ” Individual Achievement in Drama. Hernandez tries to give Jack a phone so that he can call CTU to be traced, but fails. Almeida orders the agents watching one of the exits to move to another. Jack and Chase try desperately to capture Saunders, but in the end, Jack is forced to kill Chappelle and hand over his body as proof. Kim finds her in a room, where Myers pulls a gun on Kim before being fatally shot by Jack. Wayne offers to make a scenario to cover up the truth; but David decides to withdraw from the campaign.


Once Saunders is captured, Jack uses all means possible to stop the threat posed by the remaining vials. Jack orders her to answer Amador’s call and they arrange the location of the deal. Jack orders the agents to take her inside the hotel and infect her, forcing Stephen to change his mind.

Stephen calls Almeida and shows him a live video of Dessler being held at gunpoint. Kim and Edmunds are dating secretly while David is dating Anne Packard, his doctor, which is not approved by WayneDavid’s brother and Chief of Staff.

Retrieved July 18, Jack and Ramon get to the warehouse Myers is staying. Edmunds attacks him and damages his watch and the transponder in it. Kim is instructed to transfer Jane to CTU. She kills her mercenary and starts kissing Jack. Edmunds questions him for his possible contacts with other civilians. CTU gets the location of the bar. A detective questions Julia and finds discrepancies in her statements. Hector arrives at the warehouse and starts arguing with Ramon. She kills Sherry before committing suicide.