In summer he was cast as one of the leads in Covert Affairs , playing a blind special ops agent, Auggie Anderson, who leads the main character, a trainee CIA agent played by Piper Perabo , at her new job. Retrieved May 9, Eduardo says that Henry has been funding the ALC for years and arranged the bombing that killed Teo’s mother. Annie is ready to comply but calls Auggie for advice, leaving a voicemail. Retrieved August 26, When the Yemeni prime minister is brought to Minnesota for medical treatment, Annie has a short window of time to recruit his chief aide as an asset. And for How Long?

What were some of the more humorous things that happened to you on or off the Covert Affairs set related to your role as a blind person? We ask them to let us do our job most of the time, so we let them do theirs. She tells Auggie to have the hotel evacuated and they both go there. She tries and fails to tail Calder, but then observes a meeting between Annie and Calder at Annie’s gravesite. Sarah Clarke began a recurring role in the first episode as Lena Smith, a highly regarded agent who serves as Annie’s mentor when Annie is transferred to a new section. She warns Auggie, who is able only to wipe his hard drives before Calder and a large team arrive. Annie finally tells Auggie about the heart condition, revealing that she went to Eyal to get it diagnosed without the CIA’s knowledge.

She then identifies and affqirs the actual leak, a fellow student with family CIA connections, and finally graduates from The Farm. Arthur is told he is under consideration to be ambassador to China, which threatens his relationship with Joan.

What did you take away from this role that will remain with you? Just as Auggie is about to talk, Annie and Ryan begin their attack on the building. Joan and Civert arrive, but Lena escapes.

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I didn’t anticipate the very real positive impact that this fictional man has had, and will continue to have. Ryan and Annie leave together to attempt to rescue him, with a promise episoce the CIA’s full backing from Calder and Joan. Arthur asks Joan about her renewed contact with Seth, but she evades an answer. The two playfully play the part of a married couple, and then he reveals to her that he is planning to propose marriage to Parker.


Retrieved February 15, In the present, Belenko tortures Auggie in the same building, saying that the dead prisoner was his brother, and asking Cover where Deckard is. Returning home in despair, she is attacked by Wilson and kills him with her new gun.

Retrieved August 26, Teo will not talk to Michaels or to Annie and manages to escape, but Annie has determined the target. Auggie learns that the Chicago bombers bought their inside information from an NSA employee named Wilson who lives in Washington.

Khalid from season 3 resurfaces in Chicago.

Joan returns to work in an obscure CIA office, and Arthur is released to house arrest to be with her. Initially, like most of the guys who read for this part, the challenge of playing a physically convincing blind character is what caught my attention.

From Wikipedia, the free coverh. Auggie holds out until Belenko also tortures Natasha, whom he grabbed off the street in Budapest. New episodes aired until August 9, and the last six aired from November 1 until December 6, I may be in Jordan come March. Season 3 DVD “. Gorham is married to his former Popular co-star, Anel Lopez Gorham, with whom he has three children: He is currently starring in the Netflix series Insatiable as Bob Barnard.

After agreeing auggi help Annie out, the Venezuelans are flown out of the country to protect them. InAuggie’s special ops unit participate in a prisoner exchange with Chechen rebels in Grozny which ends in a shootout.

Auggie meets secretly with Teo, who avfairs some reason is in DC. In Istanbul, zffairs we were shooting for Auggie’s flashback episode of Covert Affairs, I saw a blind man walking, quickly, in the middle of hundreds of people with his beat-up, bent cane just kind of held out in front of him and he was one of the happiest-looking people I saw on affairs trip.


‘Covert Affairs’ season finale: Christopher Gorham tells all!

Retrieved March 29, Annie detects her afterward and they talk. Whether she would figure it out, whether they would read her in.

Joan dismisses it and assures her that another agent got there just in time to save Annie. Ryan enters the building and confronts Caitlyn, who shoots him. They find his safe, containing Seth’s real flash drive, and Calder takes Auggie away for questioning.

Seeing that such conflicts are threatening their relationship, Auggie reveals that he was training Teo during that gap, and that bad intel provided by Teo led to the death of another CIA agent, Auggie’s lover. Affirs using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Retrieved November 15, While on a seemingly safe “spy trade” mission in Argentina blidn, Annie and an Italian spy Ignacio Serricchio must go on the run after an attempt is made on their lives at the exchange point. Calder joins a team going after Langer, who has been seen in West Virginia. Retrieved September 20, Eyal meets with Rivka and tells her that he confirmed her story but, because of it, augie would quit Mossad after this mission.

After Annie fails to escape, Olga frees her and says that they are on the same side. Back in Washington, her reunion with Auggie is interrupted by Henry, who requests a meeting to tell Annie that Seth’s body has been found.

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Now, of course, you’ve spent quite a bit of time around blind people, both as colleagues and friends. She finds one of Belenko’s men meeting with a Syrian named Mahmoud Qabbani, an arms dealer wanted dead by Mossad. Retrieved August 11,