The role of plans in cognitive and affective responses to places. Subsequently, one-way univariate ANOVAs were performed on the between-group comparisons for each variable. The presence of an aromatic stimulus generates a more positive overall evaluation of the movie theater than does the same environment in the absence of an aromatic stimulus. Journal of Business Research 59 12 , — Journal of Retailing, 59, 21— Use of scent in a naturally odourless store. To simplify the understanding of the survey, all of the semantic differential scales used seven points. Chi-square tests did not show significant sociodemographic differences between the two groups except in terms of frequency of theater visits.

Therefore, the Cola- Lemon scent was chosen for the present study. The interaction effects of the mall environment on shopping behavior. First, although the perception and interpretation of scents is a complex phenomenon, it is clear that odors significantly affect emotional reactions to products and atmospheres. When do in congruent ambient scents influence product evaluations? Spending on movie theatre concession products. Journal on Consumer Marketing, 7, 55— Kotler argues that the atmosphere influences buying behavior by highlighting, informing, and provoking consumer emotions.

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Cunema of Marketing, 46 286— Introduction It is becoming increasingly difficult and unsatisfactory to differentiate stores by price, products, location, or communication. Visiting here with the purpose of filling their shopping bags, customers will find a diversified offer in shops.


Music, scent and time preferences for waiting lines. Moscow to reach St.

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A model of consumer perceptions and store lusomuhdo intentions for a supermarket retailer. The sample characterization is presented in Table 1. Therefore, the Cola- Lemon scent was chosen for the present study. Similarly, Hirsch notes that casino players exposed to appropriate scents spend more money than those who are not subjected to them.

Journal of Consumer Research, 37, 57— This movie theatre smells different: Effects of a product display and environmental fragrancing on approach responses and ,usomundo experiences. Journal of Consumer Psychology, 22, — Journal of Marketing Management, 28 1— 214— With the Christmas trading period over, retailers are redefining their strategy which should reflect new trends, concepts, and their new merchandise.

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Journal of Business Research, 58 5— To simplify the understanding of the survey, all of the semantic differential scales used seven points. Perceived retail crowding and shopping satisfaction: The introduction of a scent improved consumer evaluations, increased revenue per person, and raised return intentions.

Impact of scent or its absence on the overall evaluation of the movie theater. Odors and consumer behavior in a restaurant.


International Journal of Hospitality Management, 25 2— The decision to scent a space, which involves both human and material resources, must be economically colokbo. Olfaction as a cue for product quality.

Other, more-congruent scents might produce different results and should therefore be investigated. Ambient scent and consumer responses.

Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 11 3— The overall European logistics yield dropped 14bps to 5. Journal of Business Research 59 12— Use of scent in a naturally odourless store.

Scents in the marketplace: The congruence of the scent with the movie theater was evaluated using a four-item Likert-type scale adapted from Spangenberg, Grohmann, and Sprottwhich is anchored between strongly disagree and strongly agree. Ambient scents can positively stimulate consumer behavior by creating a pleasant atmosphere and conveying a sense of pleasure and well-being.

Journal of Consumer Research, 22 2— Effects of ambient odors on slot-machine usage in a Las Vegas casino.