Ahh, my heart hurts – Seung-jo is soooo sweet – him holding that bunny just breaks my heart in a good way – please let him be happy and not hurt too much!!! Ah-jung and Secretary Moon are still agonizing over what went on last night. Are chaebols even descended from Joseon aristocracy? Well,to Alice in CDD staff who might be reading this, lotsa people who dont post anywhere are enjoying this show. But after watching Episode 8, I am so frustrated. And of course Park Shi Hoo was adorable as always.

I know that such is appealing to Korean guys so more power to their craft, but what I so like about our alice is that she really is not overacting at all, I love her eyes express so much more than squealing around … I so love that about our imja and her too and Ha Ji Won was like that as well. Yoon-joo still believes it is impossible to have both, but Se-kyung knows she can do it. The next time he sees Se-kyung, he should just do it! It was specifically developed by the Great King Sejong to facilitate the development of literacy for the majority of people. Pot calling the kettle black? Seung-jo arrives at the party, and Se-kyung emerges from a taxi right behind his car. Ivoire January 16, at 3:

And as the economic elite of korea, they are ultra educated, and at times, raised with the mindset of marrying for business reasons.

Ah Jung goes to work also feeling uneasy. In the meanwhile, AJ and secretary Mon is both worrying if there’s mistake they made, being drunken.


Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 7 Recap

Web Drama Korea Subtitle Indonesia. Lilly January 14, at She finally emerges and leaves before he can say a thing.

InSu January 14, at 3: Hell has no fury like a woman scorned. He prepares it, saying ‘This is frist time for me to feel this way. This is cheohgdamdong little late, however I hope that you will get to read this. Yoon-joo is surprised to learn from Min-hyuk that Se-kyung and Seung-jo are really getting married, and pretends she never knew about their relationship.

Alice in Cheongdam-dong: Episode 12 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

President Nam goes to the hospital to meet with Dong Wook. No gripes here and their chemistry is amazing! And on a totally petty note, sometimes MGY’s crossed recp drive me nuts.

Lilly January 14, at 4: In short, it was And I guess MGY’s character can be said to be laboring under a combination of guilt and artifice. Can i just clear one thing up? But then there is one from Se-kyung. That was a very cute scene with him sitting with the emotion rabbit doll.

I still love how rrecap the characters are in this drama – who ever would have thought I’d be on Yoon Joo’s side!? Tommy Hong goes to see In-hwa.

Cheongdam-dong Alice: Episode 7 Recap

Weird thing is I could actually do cheongxamdong the kiss scenes – I chelngdamdong know why, but I feel this lack of hot I-would-die-without-you passion between PSH and Moon, and I feel this awkwardness when they kiss – well, if you could call a quick peck on the lips a kiss – and I actually feel RELIEVED when they move apart and laugh awkwardly and the story resumes.


I was so happy with their kiss. You are commenting using your Twitter account. As for Seung-jo, let’s just say there’s more romantic things than proposing while talking about multiple kinds of sad childhood stories after you randomly publicly announce your marriage.

I love the concept about how to break aice the wealthy circle. So, thank you very much So I find this particular plot line annoying and I can barely watch their scenes.

Koreans just can’t have “if you want to be black, be black inside” characters in their dramas, do they? Her friend rose to the top tier of the North Korea, Northern Kingdom and died in the ‘s. Real time ratings for Ep.

Alice in Cheongdam-dong: Episode 11 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

My interest in Korea s was mainly sparked by Kdramas I knew of both countries, but was not very educated about bothand it has now expanded to anything Korean related. So not what I was hoping for. I’m not sure I want to know: I was really surprised eecap how poor Mr.