They resonate very well with a humbucker style pickup guitar. Long story short watts are Bober Watts. What I like is its rich saturated grain, trsdfini. It has the verocity of a plexi with the heavenly jingle of a vox. As far as gain goes, the superdrive is probably best utilized for those mid gain sounds, or edge of breakup clean sounds. Turn up the mid control up a few notches and you have a very fat sounding amp with lots of deep full mids, it sounds wonderful.

But after a year or so, my circumstances changed and the SD45 was more powerful than I needed. But then I get bored and crank up the mid. An effects loop and slave out complete the feature set. The design is pretty vox esque. The Gear Page is run by musicians for musicians. Sep 5, 2. I ran into a fellow at the local Guitar Center, and he said that Jeff Bober had quit Peavey, left them with the Budda name, and started a new amp company called East Amplification.

The pull brite [sic]and pull modern are critical to achieving a really great tone on this amp, and users will have to spend time finding the sweet spot for their particular guitar. Sep 7, However, it serifs also highlighted that we need some community input into what is working and what is not working for members here. It has the verocity of a plexi with the heavenly jingle of a vox.

All tests amps in this price range it taient infrieurs: No need to book.

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I say get the SD It never sounds harsh I’ll look to buy it, then. The sounds are reeview and warm plutt little aggressive, but nervous all the same.


Back off the mid control a few notches and it lets the higher mids come through more prominently and the distorted tone is more ‘brown’ sounding, I like it for rock music with the mid set around And how perfect it can really be if seriez give it a revidw. Profile cancel Sign in with Twitter Sign in with Facebook. I play it primarily at church. Search Media New Media. I am a tone junkie.

Log in Become reveiw member. Oh and I’m These are well built reliable amps. In his clear, I add a nano grail reverb, delay deluxe memory bo, an empress tremolo.

Sep 6, But the tones are stellar. The only effect I relied upon was a Boss digital delay in the effects loop. Sep 6, 8. Sep 6, 5.

It kind of depends what you are going for honestly. As far as gain goes, the superdrive is probably best utilized for those mid gain sounds, or edge of breakup clean sounds.

I’ve tried a lot of speakers in it. This power enough for me in all situations. Including a celestion blue. The Superdrive 18 has to be pretty loud before it hits the sweet spotGreat for clubs and band jams, but not so much for living room playing.

Buxda do ya say, TGP? No, create an account now. I really really like the mid gain tones best though.

Opinions regarding the Budda Superdrive 18

I needed to find something smaller transport, better use of lights, the loudspeaker. Not satisfied with those reviews?


Especially if you use a superstrat like Charvel or a Suhr guitar. Actually, I agree with all the praise already given and cannot add a sries but one more vote! Sort by most recent most useful.

It has a haze in the low end and a sweetness in the high end. Huge Reductions on Behringer Instore! It’s not hard to set up. These amps are are great but they’re also extremely loud. But I wanted a pre-Peavey. It really helped tame the volume. It really rides the area between vox and marshall magnificently.

ChizadSep 5, By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. I love his sound less clear. And the SD never fails to put a smile on my face.

A fat hazy awesome amp – Reviews Budda Superdrive 18 Series II 1×12 Combo – Audiofanzine

Sep 5, 2. Write a user review Ask for a user review. I’m looking to buy my dad an amp for his 60th birthday, and I’ve come across a Budda Superdrive 18 combo.

BlueHeavenSep 6, Partly because of how simple it is. Their tone and drive controls are very sensitive and the slightest tweak in the wrong direction can render your guitar sound either totally lifeless or ready to punch holes in the wall.