Orchestral Design’s introduction, which is just him making breakfast. Well that lost faster than when I first saw a Lemon Party. I was on vacation. Everybody’s gonna die and you’re playing Hey, I wanna be prom queen! For easier future searches, put a username. Mlp Channel Glory 1 Bronies React to “The Perfect Pear”.

A Royal Problem Season 7 Episode 10 https: This one is gonna hurt Especially when Saberspark expresses his hatred for it Should answer a lot of questions that have been raised Mlp Channel Glory 2 Bronies React to the Season 5 Finale.

Only Youtubemultiplier and Youtube links will be active. We’ll announce the winners here Friday afternoon. This website is just a place of fun. Use the buttons below to clear the entire form Youtube URL 1: Episode 46 of the Semi-Perfect Podcast, airdate: Hey, don’t dis a hairdresser argument. Now go get me a latte, you scamp. Damn dude, did you put rocks in that?

Well that lost faster than when I first saw a Lemon Party. Silver Quill’s reaction to the Pony of Shadow. I’ve already came up with 2 already Pinkie Bells and Twilight Twinkle.

My Little Pony Fan Convention. James’s reaction broniies Derpy’s voice. I present to you: Check for low quality. Mic the Microphone decides to really hammer that point home.


Size of videos is dynamically based on the actual size of your browser. Subscribe to become A Wubbie Pony! Then fully says it later.

I didn’t mean to do that. Jax’s Freak Out near the end. TryDash Kawaii Mlp 8. Bronies React to “The Perfect Pear”. Bronies React to Cupcakes. This is something I can’t believe even after seeing it The Princess of the Night has some issues Littleshy “getting ready for his Principal Celestia cosplay” — he struggles to stand on bdonies and falls over, parodying Celestia’s unusually tall stature.

Bronies React to the Season 3 Premiere. Looks like some brony finally found the portal. The reactions to Applejack panicking upon first seeing the pear jam: Getting Michelle Creber’s mom involved by accident is pure gold. Giving an appropriate title to your set will help internet users to find it.

Race becomes Cow, Tombstone becomes Bunny, etc.

Dis 5th React – Bronies React to Season 3 Finale – video dailymotion

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Bronies React: Season 3 Finale

BlackGryph0n as Master Chief. Oh, it ain’t nothin, it’s just my car! Step right up everypony! Your Twilight is also a horse, and— so, that’s kind of bestiality if you think about itbut Larson wonders about us? I just watched New Coke. Nope, I got nothing. Is that a New York accent? Rainbow Dash is a bitch, Rarity is a bitch, Applejack is a bitch. How many of the other reactors are actually doing this? Twidash Can Can by Tridashie 1: