Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Back in , in the aftermath of violent race riots triggered by the National Front threatening to march in the city, academics looked for explanations as to how the violence erupted, leading to the criminalisation of dozens of disaffected, mainly British-Pakistani men. We do not yet know what led the Dawood sisters to apparently take their children into a warzone, but speculation has naturally begun as to why they appear to have turned their backs on Britain and inner city Bradford, where they were born and brought up. These were the harshest and most widespread sentences for public disorder since the Second World War. However, the majority of people in the city were white Ethnicity: When Karim sees his lawyer, he says they were supposed to reduce his sentence. An important new drama by Neil Biswas, to be broadcast on Channel 4 next week, shows how the lives of members of the Pakistani community of Mannigham were defined and destroyed by the Bradford riots of July His plan is to make it back to Pakistan where he will lay low.

Racial violence erupted on the streets of Bradford yesterday as hundreds of Asian youths fought white extremists and police in some of the worst rioting yet seen in a summer of disturbances in northern towns and cities. But the judge sentences him to five years. During the course of the rally, held on Saturday 7 July, [11] a rumour was spread by some of the marchers that National Front sympathisers were gathering at a pub in the centre of Bradford. Bradford Riots TV Movie 6. We see almost no effort on the part of the larger society or on the part of the local community leaders to defuse the situation before it could get started. The film tells the story of riots from the perspective of an Asian family. Asian according to the census.

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The three runaway sisters had all been married off to men from Pakistan with varying degrees of success. He insisted there were no deeper cultural tensions that might make a Muslim family want to flee.


They have absolute proof of Karim’s involvement in the riot. Faisal asks her to go to bed. Zusammenfasskng heaviest sentence handed out in connection with the riots was that of the aforementioned Mohammed Ilyas, a year-old businessman, who was found guilty of arson and being reckless as to fiom life was endangered.

A year old Asian businessman is arrested for the firebombing of the recreational center, Manningham Labour Club. Challenging myths about race and migration, Bristol: At a local eatery, Karim and Aki see their friend Salam working hard. Start your free trial. For Manningham riots ofsee Manningham riot. The film tells the story of riots from the perspective of an Asian family. I mean, you’re riotts gutless. Audible Download Audio Books.

A lot of lads here have rbadford looking for any excuse to cause trouble. These days, there are just three ; some turned into flats, others shops and others mosques. The police are trying to get the gang members off Salam, but they are considerably outnumbered by the number of gangers. Faisal says he really needs Karim this summer, but father backs up Karim.

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He receive twelve years for the arson attack. The police now are using helicopters.

The two fellows hug each other. Although Karim at first denies to his father that he was present at the riots, his face is among those published by the police who want rioters identified.

Where are the brdaford and what are they doing about removing such blatantly racist groups?!

One city, two cultures: Bradford’s communities lead parallel lives | UK news | The Guardian

Edit Storyline Bradford Riots tells the story of the riots and their aftermath from the point of view of an Asian family. It’s a braddford to us. Slavan tells him that this whole thing is getting out of hand. This film shows how racist the English Police are against us upnei Asians.

Race riots ignite Bradford

Since its rapid growth in the 19th century, there have been several significant waves of immigration, notably Irish 19th centuryPoles s—50s and South Asian people. His mother is alarmed at this and turns the TV off.


Thick smoke and fumes drifted down a half-mile length of the road as police tried to beat the rioters back. Dad explains that things happen sometimes and events get canceled. It also emerged last night that zusakmenfassung of the trouble was orchestrated by people who travelled to Bradford from across Britain. Karim and his friend head down to the pool hall.

bradforrd Depending on your point of view that climate could represent a distrust of ethnic communities and their incendiary influence upon modern Britain, or equally a distrust of the current political and police authorities bearing in mind the draconian curtailments of civil liberties and arguable persecution of such communities. Karim goes up to a policeman and asks him: Other young men also have bats in their hands.

The film is based on the hour riots by Asians in the northern English city of Bradford in Julywhich were the worst rioting on mainland Britain for two decades. Faisal is deeply disappointed and bitter. Karim starts working for Faisal again. Now Molotov cocktails are being thrown at the police and, of course, this makes them back up. In the aftermath of the riots, courts handed down severe sentences, with people receiving prison terms totalling years.

Karim is also very shocked. They are going to nail every single one of us and throw away the key.

One city, two cultures: Bradford’s communities lead parallel lives

Farouq Amin, 30, said: The local people are just standing on the streets shocked and bewildered. A lot of the film deals with the punishment of the rioters. cilm

Behind the counter, the family keeps a framed document, the glass now smashed, fulm every pub which existed in the neighbouring area since Faisal goes to find Karim.