Luckily, Abhigyan sees her and brings her home. Runjhun’s grandmother, Lalita Pandey Rita Bhaduri , gives the credit to Runjhun, much to everyone’s dismay. She also sees Abhigyan burning all the posters nearby. The commotion is interrupted when the glass panel of the door gets shattered. However, he is shocked when Runjhun returns and tells him the entire story. Not wanting to take advantage of her memory loss, he initially refuses but finally agrees.

Meanwhile, Guddu tells his friends that he has given an ultimatum of 4 hours to Vishnu, and if he fails to make the payment, then they will teach him a lesson. Her relatives finally accept her and the family is reunited in a happy ending. Assuming it to be Runjhun’s call, Kalsanwali picks the phone. Guddu then asserts that as he had tried to molest Runjhun, no one will ever marry her. Indian television actresses Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. She gets Runjhun abducted. Kalsanwali quickly sneaks inside Runjhun’s room and lies down, covering herself with a blanket.

Hone decides he has to deliver the baby and goes against protocol to do so. However, Guddu, who is very furious, prohibits Runjhun from taking back her complaint and warns her of dire consequences after he comes out. At this, Mittho gets furious and asserts that she will get Runjhun married at any cost. He asks the driver to park it aside, haante gets scared when the driver threatens to bash him saying that the vehicle belongs to Guddu. Later, one of Guddu’s aides informs him about Runjhun going to the bank.

Meanwhile, Guddu tells his friends that he has given an ultimatum of 4 hours to Vishnu, and if he fails to make the payment, then they will teach him a elisode. Amma gets worried as she feels that all her sons and their wives are very greedy. Guddu marries Nilu though Runjhun escapes but before she can stop the wedding, she is shot by Jhabbu.

Guddu then warns that anyone who tries to marry Runjhun will face his wrath. Later, during the party, Billo gets shocked when she finds all her jewelry missing from her room. However this show, which graduated from one showing a week to two in three separate series the latter series being shown in different time slots across the ITV Network was very different in style and approach to EastEnders.


Later, Kalsanwali tells Vishnu that she has decided to teach Mittho a lesson. The following is a list of the cast members and the characters they play on the television show: The next day, Bantu tells Billo to hide her ornaments as he fears that Guddu may barge in their house again if Vishnu fails to make the payment. In order to annoy Amma, they go to her and ask various questions about Runjhun’s engagement and her future husband.

Nivedita Tiwari – Bhagonwali – Baante Apni Taqdeer – Episode 1

Lakhan feels atqdeer when Amma tells him to take Runjhun while the entire family is busy in the party. Member feedback about Nivedita Tiwari: However, Runjhun remains cheerful, ready to do any work and is never able to say no to any task, no matter how hard it may be. Amma then asks Abhigyan to take Runjhun out for shopping. Following this, he graduated with a degree in Economics hons.

Tom is surprised to find his teenage son Stuart at the scene. Guddu finally finds Runjhun who has lost her memory.

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Meanwhile, Guddu gets irked when Vishnu files a police complaint against him. She gets Runjhun abducted. Guddu marries Nilu though Runjhun escapes but before she can stop the wedding, she is shot by Jhabbu. Guddu then tells Abhigyan that he will not let him marry Runjhun until Vishnu repays his debt. Tom and Bhayonwali are shocked that their highly religious son has had sex before marriage.

The priest also takes Amma to their house and Amma is elated when the alliance is fixed, little realising that it is a ploy of her daughters-in-law to humiliate her and play with her sentiments.

Bhagonwali-Baante Apni Taqdeer

Jyotsna Chandola bhaglnwali an Indian television actress. Amma at once realises that it is because Runjhun is epizode associated with Abhigyan. Abhigyan, who does not want to create a scene, asks Runjhun to go back to her place. Guddu decides to teach Runjhun’s evil relatives a lesson bqante she feels bad for them and tries to help them.


He completed his schooling in Delhi at St. The boy is shocked when Guddu asserts that he is aware that he has a criminal background. Guddu makes fun of her and tells her that he has spent the entire money. Runjhun makes it clear that she is not going anywhere. The moment the engagement rituals get completed, Abhigyan and Rajju’s phones begin to ring simultaneously.

Tuesday, 26 February Amma then convinces Runjhun and assures her that she is doing it for her good. Tom and Sam arrive at the scene to find a teenager in labour having received head injuries.

Later, Amma gets shocked when Runjhun informs her that Lakhan had phoned her. It tells the story of Runjhun who brings good luck and fortune wherever she goes. Guddu is taken aback as onlookers begin to gather episodde his club.

Nivedita Tiwari – Bhagonwali – Baante Apni Taqdeer – Episode 1 – video dailymotion

Amma gets worried and walks away. Guddu is surprised to see Runjhun at the police station. List of programs taqeder by Zee TV topic This is the list of original programming currently, upcoming and formerly broadcast by the Indian television channel Zee TV.

Unwillingly, Runjhun goes to Guddu’s carom club and requests him to return the money which he has snatched from her. Career Khanvilkar has appeared in Hindi and Marathi films and established herself as one of Marathi cinema’s leading actresses and an accomplished dancer. Amma then meets Abhigyan and informs him about the alliance.

However, Runjhun tells Amma that she enjoys doing their work. Meanwhile, Amma gets shocked when Rajju informs her that he has fixed Mahadevi’s marriage that is slated after five days. Lakhan gets furious when he comes to know this. However, Runjhun remains cheerful and ready to do any work. 11 aunts plot against her and get her married to a local goon Guddu Shukla who agrees to live with them.