September 7, — September 6, Hisayoshi Suganuma as Kurotaru ep Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 Battle Spirits: Game Reviews Columns incl. We are not Meme Central nor do we want to be. Eleonora Reti as Mai Violet. As Suiren she uses a primarily purple deck, while as My Sunshine she uses a yellow deck. Flag comments violating this rule and we will deal with them accordingly.

Chizue Saitou ep 1 Erika Hozumi ep 7 Erika Tanaka eps 3, 10 Michiko Watanabe 14 episodes eps 2, 4, 11, 13, 16, 18, 23, 25, 30, 32, 36, 40, 44, Theron Martin weighs the pros and cons of this bittersweet romance title on blu-ray. Ash Wataru Majinzan Ronin Warriors: He is also very rich, as his father is head of an electronics firm, and is chauffeured everywhere. Shunzou Miyasaka as Soldier eps Wings of Gingetsu s-CRY-ed: Katsuya Shiga as Rocchi ep The former star player of Toaru Elementary School’s soccer team, who stops playing due to a leg injury.

Battle Spirits: Shōnen Gekiha Dan (TV)

C2C 6 episodes eps 8, 15, 21, 29, 39, Hiroomi Sugino as Brustom. Due to his admiration of Kyouka, he joins the Battle Spirits Club, becoming the last member needed for it to officially form. Yui Horie as Seiru ep When becoming shoumen of the site, you could batle the full range of functions and enjoy the most exciting anime. Legend of the Inferno Armor — Dirty Pair: Mamiko Noto as Sophia. She is from Kyoto.


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Battle Spirits: Shounen Toppa Bashin – Wikipedia

They do not spoil anything in the current or future episodes. Nobuhiko Okamoto as Hideto Suzuri ep 1.

Bandit Flower Mobile Ge,iha Gundam: Atelier Bitol Sunrise D. Haruka Aoyama ep Moonlight Butterfly Crush Gear: Have you seen this? The Boy with Crystal Eyes Gundam: Yoriko Nagata as Female Attendent 2 ep 6.

Studio Elle ep 6. You can also use xpirits keyboard shortcuts to control the player Note: Kenji Nomura as Man A ep Beijing Golden Pinasters Animation Company 24 episodes eps, Keep in mind that these rankings are based on how people rated indi With Love from the Lovely Angels — Dougram vs.

Eleonora Reti as Mai Violet. Laura Latini as Hideoto Suzuri. Haruka Aoyama ep 39 Finish Check Assistance: Gianni Ludovisi Bersanetti as Narrator. Daisuke Nakajima ep 37 Background Art: The Rising Aikatsu!

Junichi Suwabe as Galaxy Watanabe. Registering is freeeasyand private. In the epilogue, he gives Bashin a new pyroxene stone before heading out to continue his journey around the world.

Battle Spirits: Shounen Gekiha Dan –

A manga version by Hideaki Fujii was serialized in Kerokero Ace magazine beginning in July and ended in September Alone Again Coicent Five Numbers! Kazumi Togashi as Pentan ep Discuss in the forum, contribute to the Encyclopedia, build your own MyAnime lists, and more.


Angel Manga Heads Toward Climax Touha called Bashin “Aibou”, meaning “partner”, when he was young, and in turn Bashin named his mouse Aibou when Touha left. Mie Sonozaki as Ryoko.

Battle Spirits: Shounen Gekiha Dan

Not a member yet? Spoilers – Do not post them! December Sky Accel World: After this, she begins to wear contacts instead of glasses and associates with the other pyroxene card battlers.

The Complete Four-Panel Comics. Retrieved October 10, Keiichi Takahashi as Card Battler D ep 3. Would like to apply for Disqus Moderator, click here. Along with the other soldiers, he must save Grand Rolo from Otherworld King, who has been exploiting the worlds natives.

Akira Nishimori Series Composition: He lives with his parents, younger brothers, and pet parakeet Cap.

Wataru Hatano as Shula ep Suiren reveals her identity to the other pyroxene holders in episode 17, explaining that her image as an idol restricts her from playing a boyish game like Battle Spirits. Taiten Kusunoki gekkiha Heliostom. J uses a primarily white deck, and possesses the oval-shaped white pyroxene stone.