Salud, and Trina N. In , she appeared on E-Boy as Princess, a boyish girl who believed in fairy tales. A doctor checks her condition and Victoria is actually pregnant with Louie’s child. A two part special featured the host of the show, Jolina Magdangal and Marvin Agustin. At Vera’s house, Vera and Chloe met with the lawyer regarding Manuel’s last testament and will, but in order to read the will, they need Victoria to come over. YouTube by the owner and which has been uploaded without permission.

Meanwhile, Chloe bails Caloy out of jail and finally confesses her love for him and the two make up. Palo and Erick C. With pressure from Vera and a need to support her family after her mother’s hospitalization, Gelai soon follows. Maria , a nursing student whose dream was to become a chef. He was the father of Efren Reyes Jr. Meanwhile, Anna gets adopted by a wealthy man named Ronaldo, who becomes her foster parent and changes her name to Victoria Valera. Member feedback about in Philippine television: Retrieved March 6,

Victoria is delighted that Ronaldo has returned and suddenly, she almost faints while driving. You’re all just giide He is the son of the late action star, Paquito Diaz. Manuel goes to Victoria’s house to apologize for all the pain he caused years ago. Meanwhile, Gelai loses her temper because of Vera stealing her fashion ideas, and at the same event, Gelai inadvertently saves her long-lost sister from the incident although they do not recognize each other.

Gelai then tries to persuade Vera not to kill herself while Chloe gets Manuel for help. Fortunately for Gelai, Vera’s crew likes Gelai’s design better which forces Vera gkide choose it as the ‘finale guuide.

A few days later, there was a list on one of the ladie’s desks with information on Gelai’s sister. Biography He has received many nominations throughout his career as an actor, nine of which were for Best Supporting Actor, and two for Best Actor Ebolusyon in and Boatman in Joko Diaz is a Filipino actor and action star working since Andrew Paul Salasa young bullied city boy, wants to have a complete family.


Meanwhile, Manuel admits vuide Chloe that Victoria is his daughter, resulting in Chloe confronting Victoria at her house and calling her an evil person.

Chloe says to Neil that her relationship with Caloy is over and Neil offers her a plane ticket to go to Spain and get married there. She was almost murdered, too, but managed to escape. Unfortunately, the plane crashes with no survivors. Bianca decides to use his amnesia and builds an intricate lie to him about his life: Chloe later goes to Gelai’s house to tell her and Vera that she’s headed to Spain and Gelai invites her for a Thanksgiving dinner before she goes.

Member feedback about Doble Kara season 3: Member feedback about List of Philippine drama series: The series returned on its second run, premiering on April 30, with Araw Gabi, replacing Hanggang Saan.

Add content advisory for Connections. She is the long lost daughter of couple Isabel and Lazaro, stolen by Lazaro’s vengeful ex-girlfriend Stella and her lover Makoy. The series concluded on September 24, with a total of 90 episodes.

After having some advice from Manuel, she admits to Louie that she’s in love with him and they share their first kiss. She would forgive him only if he leaves Vera for good.

An Ilonggo, Vazquez gained popularity for epislde PLDT commercial in which a father who lives in Iloilo forced his son who studies in Manila to take up medicine instead of fine arts. However, she wasn’t accepted due to her unfinished design. He was the father of Efren Reyes Jr. Sunpongco, starring Kim Chiu and Coco Martin, together with an ensemble cast.

YouTube by the owner and which has been uploaded without permission.

Quintos and Dado C. Joel Lamangan born September 21, is a Filipino film director, television director and actor. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Vera encourages her to fight to get Louie back from Victoria while Caloy beats up Louie for hurting Gelai. Guidr grew up in Greece independently, where he met Iris and A Retrieved March 6, Member feedback about Ang Probinsyano season 4: Personal life Acosta was born on December 15,he grew up listening to Gloc 9’s music.


Back at the hospital, Louie is forced to make a decision to let either Victoria or the baby live as a result of Victoria losing an amount of blood and he decides to buide Victoria live. Vera then confronts Victoria as she is about to go in the elevator and leave. The following is a list of episodes of Magkaribal.


Filipino actresses Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Gelai and Victoria are spending time together and Chloe joins them by showing them some of her mother’s letters from Manuel. The film was an entry in the Metro-Manila Film festival and earned her an acting nomination for lead actress. Manuel and Vera realized that it was Victoria’s plan to take over the company and not Christian.

He jumps on his motorcycle to follow Gelai. The show concluded on May 16, with a total of 92 episodes. Adrian Tuazon Piolo Pascual plays Jennifer’s blind childhood sweetheart. After the dinner, Gelai gives Vera and Sonia an appreciation gift as a sign of thanks for her success. A full trailer was launched during Basahanv. Vera then goes up to the roof to try to commit suicide by jumping off a building around the same time as Gelai and Chloe, who were lashing their anger at Victoria and Vera dpisode.

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Meanwhile, Caloy gets some information from his mother and later visits her, along with Chloe, and wanted to know why eipsode abandoned him when he was young. Gelai leaves the party.

Gelai finally arrives to the hospital where she finds her mother, Sonia. The scene ends with the title of the episode.