While I have not listened to that earlier commentary, I have been told that it relies too much upon personal reminiscences and anecdotes without offering consistent insight into the film itself. Cole Younger Bruce Cabot , rather than Jesse James Lawrence Tierney , seems the dominant personality in the group; gradually they become more violent than Clanton is comfortable with. Jourdan’s wife died last year. Soon we were chattering about the current best sellers. The more we see of the Burns gang, in flashbacks and in current action, the more we realize what a horrible bad guy Arthur is, and our sympathies start shifting around. Also, apparently in this case the French subtitles can’t be turned off. Another documentary to be premiered this year is Daniel Raim’s Harold and Lillian: Can any of our readers help?

Ellis Final Destination 2 will direct Cellular from a Cohen script, and it, too, has a ‘minimalist’, telephone theme. With you and Miss Harris [Barbara Harris], I never know how you’re going to say a line or react to someone else’s line. We once printed an item here from the ‘London Morning Metro’ for 15 September, Already dismayed at being forbidden by Universal to make Kaleidoscope see item elsewhere on this page , he was further saddened by this latest indignity. We have previously reported on at least a couple of sculptures of Alfred Hitchcock that have been made scroll down to items “For sale: The current issue of ‘The MacGuffin’ has a more extensive coverage of the conference.

On the other hand, when Ronald Neame made Take My Life infrom an original screen treatment co-written by Graham, the result was splendid, an interesting companion-piece to Hitchcock’s more ambitious and complex The Paradine Case filmed the same year in similar settings the Old Bailey, etc. Chemistry develops between Charlie and Haven. The last-named is, of course, Hitchcock’s signature tune from his TV shows.

Now how about that?

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The sound was in its original mono but rich, undistorted, and noise-free. It’s hoped that this approach will solve copyright problems caused by film companies’ reluctance to see their ‘product’ published directly on the Web.


Frenchman Eric Rohmer has died in his ninetieth year. Thanks – KM email address below. It is now thought that the historical image is flipped, and that Billy was in fact right-handed.

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Shout Factory opens the crypt once more, for the last remaining UA and Aip fright movies starring our favorite gentleman of horror. Chase Palmer will direct the film, starting in January. Major Hitchcock exhibition in Illinois emphasises his balla methods. Stone has died. A Truce with Deathdir. Death of Hitchcock artist and designer, Dorothea Coey, in Hollywood. You can do that more easily now that you can crash them on computers and not actually have to smash up equipment.

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When an art exhibition including Douglas Gordon’s ’24 Hour Psycho ‘ and supposedly paying tribute to The Master of Suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, ran in London during Hitchcock’s Centennial year,our favourite review was that published in ‘Time Out’ which panned the exhibition mercilessly.

Further cast members have been announced. The Cinema Ritrovato in Bologna, to run from June, will this year include a strand devoted to Alma Reville’s career – both the films she worked on with her husband, Alfred Hitchcock, and several others. The news articles, Tweets, and blog posts do not represent IMDb’s opinions nor can we guarantee that the reporting therein is completely factual.

Scriptwriter Arthur Laurents comments frankly on the homosexuality in and out of Rope. Not released at the time, Memory of the Camps as it was eventually called was shown around the world in with a suitably droll narration – considering the film’s devastating content – delivered by actor Trevor Howard. To read the article, from the ‘Los Angeles Times’, click here: We like Michael Billington’s review in ‘The Guardian’. It may be true, as David Thomson claims in ‘The New Biographical Dictionary of Film’,hadllee most of Joan’s films, after her early successes for Selznick and Hitchcock, were ‘disappointing’.

All told, one gets the sense that everything about this exemplary return to the bal,am was a carefully conscious decision by the iconic American star. Facebook Wala Pyar 1. Because his films are older or played in a limited number of theaters, there are insufficient reviews cofey ranking Academy Award-winner Kieth Merrill.


No explanation is given. They’ll be available in a box set and separately. In Rear WindowHitchcock knew the censors wouldn’t allow the topless shot introducing ‘Miss Torso’ that the script called for, so he devised the playful shot where her bra unsnaps and she must lean over to retrieve it.

Leonard Leff, author of the book ‘Hitchcock and Selznick’, made the interesting observation that the censors that Hitchcock dealt with sometimes worked as unwitting collaborators on his films. Production had,ee Robert Boyle, 98, ans first worked for Hitchcock on Saboteur and who was nominated four times for Oscars in the art direction category, including for Hitchcock’s North by Northwestwill receive an honorary Oascar during the Academy Awards ceremony on February 24, it has been announced.

Although the two sisters famously often feuded, on learning of Joan’s death de Havilland issued a statement saying that she was ‘shocked and saddened’. Our tribute comes from Stephen Hadee in Hollywood:. See also separate item on Topazetc.

In viewing for the first time since its initial release I was pleasantly filns at how impressive the film is on any number of levels. Stanley gives Charlie the Proposition of the title: Meanwhile, Jones is also planning his fiction feature debut, to be called It Never Entered My Mindfor filming next year in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

Too much strong language. Noted film historian and author Rudy Behlmer hosted the launch of Notorious. cogey

Bryant tells him it was William who lit the fires in Georgia.