Yuki and Riki are chosen to represent the East at an inter-block Crossfire match while their friends tag along with Saiga who is a B-Daman coach. Dracyan said it had felt B-Crystal’s anger. This action enrages Akyulus who suddenly seems to be possessed by feelings of hatred and anger. Non anime related “Anime Rant” videos will be removed since we have no way of confirm whether it’s for self-promoting or no. January 9, online [6]. B-Da RYU said both competitors got 2 points at the same time.

In the last moment sensing his friends feelings, Grey uses all his B-da spirit and summons the wind to fight on his side! Or will the Contestants continue on this epic showdown? The red bomb stayed in place. Kakeru fired the old super shot, then Subaru fired super shot. Yamato continues taking on Biarce with the stake of the entire B-DaWorld on the line. B-deus recognizes the brothers as a threat to their plan and orders Haijya to cut loose the suspension bridge as they fall into an abyss. Akyulus begins to suffer internal emotional damage after being forced to create an evil strike shot. The entire gang step in to protect Liena but they’re powerless by the rest of the army.

Yamato and Gannos battle Terry and Joe on a competition for a strike shot, and the winner is The entire gang step in to protect Liena but they’re powerless by the rest of episose army. After Dragold destroys Drazeros in their match, Takakura stops the game early.

Luckily, a new 5 station tournament has begun. Hoping to defeat them and make them give up their evil plans, Riki and Yuki challenge Novu and Derek to a match Kakeru fired 1 shot to knock 1 row of 2 yellow bombs to Subaru’s side. In school, Kakeru submits a video to Yamashiro.

The Complete Dragon King!/The Perfect Dragon King!

Karat brings him food for saving her, but what will be the results? His teacher, however, is not fond and takes away Riki’s book as he is not paying attention in class. The West is in chaos because of Derek, who is secretly working for Novu. At the beginning, Grey experiences difficulties as the stage wind pressure blows away his B-daballs, Aztec mask on the other hand who focuses on power has no problems on getting through.


Riki and Samuru will face off in a three round competition to decide the overall champion of Crossfire and the winner will also get the chance to face the B-Crystal. It appears then that the gang is surrounded by Jinbee, Phantom, and Veeder. Subaru completed the course first, followed by Ouga and Yukihide. Yamato and the entire gang decide to stop them.

A new B-Daman is found. Both of the brothers however experience problems while fighting on a suspension bridge and Li gets injured.

B-Daman Crossfire

However the twins excellent cooperative play turns the tides to their favor, pushing both Cobalt Blaster and Chrome Harrier to the brink of defeat. Yukihide discovered epksode B-Daman was cracked.

When his dream comes true and is given the legendary B-Daman, Cobalt Blade, will Yamato have what it takes to control it from those who wish to steal it from him? A swarm of paper bats put their abilities to the test as well as learning Rapid-Shooting, but, what will Armada’s next challenge be? He is glad Riki is here despite his former part-time employee suddenly leaving.

Galdezer possesses Bedeus drossfire and promises to get revenge on Akyulus as the only survivor of the clan and the entire B-da world. Sumi offers he go with her to Miracle Shoot as she wants new B-Daman parts but Riki declines and leaves.

Posting Pictures crossgire Limit comments to a maximum of 3 images or less. Find out as the Damzn of Change airs today. Kakeru told Dracyan to use a new move. A formal match will be held and Novu must give up Crossfire if he loses, but will take control of the WBMA if he wins. Kaito and Kakeru both finished 3 games and try to push the remaining button, but Kakeru narrowly pushed the last button earlier and entered the second round.

Yamato is finally able to reach the end of the lair where he meets Akyulus, but there is something wrong with him? Will Yamato and the gang be able to defeat Bedeus gang and the new powerful Galdezer? The Mysterious Red Dragon User After Riki and Rudy get separated from the others by a cave in, Rudy tries to open a door with a dangerous challenge that could destroy his B-Daman What new surprises await for them there? Thunder Dracyan tells Riki that he has questions for certain things.


November Learn how and when to faman this template message. It is up to Grey and Yamato to keep that from happening.

Lists of anime episodes. The Future of B-Daman” Transcription: Akyulus makes short work of him, and when it seems that he has comes into his senses, he tricks Akyulus and traps him in a spider web.

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By showing his true colors, Haja betrays the gang, but the gang manages to barely crosefire, losing track of Akyulus. Subaru fired 4 shots to knock a row of 2 yellow bombs and a row of 2 red bombs to Kakeru’s side with 1 marble hitting 1 bomb, while Kakeru fired 2 shots to knock a row of 2 yellow bombs and a row of 2 red bombs to Kakeru’s side with 1 marble hitting a row of 2 bombs.

Premiering on October 2, in Japan, it became the first B-Daman anime to air in almost five years, following the finale of Crash B-Daman on December 25, Kakeru thought about the broken B-Daman core. Comments containing intentional and unprovoked spoilers posts like episodf is the Beast Titan” “X is Y’s brother” that are clearly not theories or guesses will result in an instant ban.

In addition to the regulars, the competitors include a new Crossflre and famous model named Asuka, a young admirer of Riki named Rudy, and the dangerous Basara.

Once inside the building, Riki and Samuru are stopped by Novu, who insists they defeat him if they want to move on Share anime to your friends!